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A World In Transition — join us on 27 January

Climate catastrophe is looming, but the future is still ours for the shaping. So what needs to change and how do we change it?


In collaboration with 5x15, Zetteler and Hitachi R&D Group, we’re organising an online event with stellar speakers such as Farhana Yamin, Lucy Siegle, Aja Barber, Tim Smit and Mikaela Loach, to discuss the transitions we need to make based on what we presented on ThreeTransitions.earth.



nendo & Takram — a bilingual feature on AXIS magazine

The February 2022 issue of AXIS, a Japanese-English bilingual design magazine that provides design information from around the world, features “nendo and Takram”. Alongside the world-renowned design studio nendo, the article covers many aspects of Takram today, from our history to latest projects, organisation and future prospects. If your local bookshop stocks AXIS, please take a look. In London, New York and Shanghai, where there are few bookshops that stock it, we would be happy to give it to those of you who are interested. Please contact us using this form and a member of our team will get back to you.


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Sprouts from Spoils

Image: Coal spoil near Neath Port Talbot, Wales. © Alan Hughes, 2015. cc-by-sa/2.0


An important part of tackling the climate crisis is challenging pre-conceptions which sthrengthen the current carbon paradigm. In a recent piece Takram London member Jonathan calls for a reinterpretation of the mounds made of waste from old mines, commonly called coal spoils, found around the UK, and around the world.


*Sprouts from Spoils* posits the importance of coal spoils as reminders of century long histories of extraction, but also as spectacular sites of ecological regeneration.


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The book Playing Nature: Ecology in Video Games by Alenda Chang dives looks at how ecologies are represented in games and digital environments more broadly. Read 


A fascinating read on the uncertain future of the Siberian permafrost and the effect its thawing might have on the climate. Read

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