PWS Day 3: Behind the scenes, favorite moments, exclusive deals and more!

My PWS Diary - Day 3

By Emily Vogel

Dear Diary,

I feel like it’s the last day of summer camp – except I didn’t swap places with Lindsay Lohan or get poison ivy. Over the past three days, I’ve made so many new friends, gained new skills and even sang a few songs (checkout our event playlists in the PWS marketplace). And what better way to end a memorable week of fun than with a concert (or maybe that was just on “Camp Rock”).

Tonight, singer and star of “The Goldbergs” Hayley Orrantia hosted – and performed – at our Tribute to the Heroes of COVID Relief Concert. We also heard from Annie Lennox, Melissa Etheridge, Cam, Yuna, Citizen Queen, GEM, K3 Sisters Band and Renaissance Youth Choir. (Coachella was cancelled, but we got this!)

All musicians donated their performances in honor of those most affected economically by the pandemic. The WrapWomen Foundation is donating on their behalf to the Hire Her Back Fund, which provides grants to women and marginalized people in the screen industries whose livelihoods have been adversely affected.

It’s not too late to go back and watch the performances. You can also donate to COVID relief by visiting the PWS Marketplace, which includes information on additional charities and resources for attendees who are seeking help. 

No matter where you are in the world, it's great to come together as a community. Here are some attendee highlights shared on social!

Welcome to the Stage,
Congresswoman-Elect Cori Bush

Congresswoman-Elect Cori Bush (D-MO) is no stranger to the Power Women Summit stage. TheWrap's founder and CEO Sharon Waxman first met her at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, where Cori was the subject of the new film "Knock Down the House," a documentary about four working-class women (including AOC) running for Congress. Although Cori didn't win the election, Sharon was inspired by her passion and determination to run for office again.

Sharon invited the single mother -- who at the time was still working as a full-time nurse -- to speak at WrapWomen's Power Women Breakfast D.C. (pictured inset), where Cori brought the audience to a standing ovation. When it came time for the Power Women Summit last year we knew she had to be there too. Cori joined Sophia Bush for another unforgettable conversation.

Last month, my team and I could not contain our excitement as Cori Bush was elected Missouri’s first Black Congresswoman.

Today, Cori Bush joined us on the Main Stage for a Spotlight Conversation with Emmy Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien. Once again, she was incredible. 

Watch full conversation here

Sending my Selfie to NASA, Because I'm a Star

From selfie challenges to customized picture backgrounds, give a shout-out to the Power Women in your life and share your favorite moments from PWS with us! Check-out our Creativity Corner for more info. 

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WNBA Star Candace Parker Says League Protests Against Racial Injustice Are ‘Bigger Than a Sport’

What do you get when a WBNA player and activist (Candace Parker), a fashion designer who was wrongly imprissioned in the UK (Elle B. Mambetov), a transgender model/actor (Isis King), an international DJ/CEO (Michelle Pesce) and a violinist who took over Coachella with Beyoncé (Ezinma) walk into a Zoom? Power Women Summit Day 3. 

During a conversation titled "Breaking Barriers: Using Your Platform for Change," each of the women spoke about how they're using their platform to empower positive social change. 

“This year, it was nice to stand in solidarity with our brothers in the NBA and across the leagues and to have support," said Candace. “So for this year, in 2020, to be a part of this historical season, to be able to have 144 people in the WNBA be a part of something so great and standing with the NBA, it was really special to be able to have that impact and to be able to use our platform in that way.”

Watch full panel here

Country Singer Cam Says We Need More Female Music Producers

If being a singer, songwriter and mother wasn’t enough to keep country music star Cam busy, she also joined us this week as a mentor, speaker and performer at PWS! (Is there anything this woman can’t do?)

Cam was one of several producers on her latest album “The Otherside,” but had she not gone the route of being an artist and singer, she would’ve loved to be a producer and engineer regardless, a space that remains difficult for women to break into in the music industry.

Cam said in a discussion titled "Making Music That Matters" along with her producer Tyler Johnson that unless you’re also a successful artist, there’s a shortage of women who are the ones behind the soundboards playing with knobs and producing someone else’s sound.

“When they ask what women are producers, they’re producing on their own art. So it’s that thing where you have to be so exemplary or magical that you’ve made it into the system,” Cam said. “You can’t just be someone who is bad at singing but is good at producing. There aren’t as many of that.”

Watch full discussion here

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In the meantime, stay safe and stay fabulous.

Emily Vogel on behalf of WrapWomen
Content Manager, WrapWomen