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Skills excellence recognised at the 2015 Australian Training Awards

Western Australia’s Jared Stone was named Australian Apprentice of the Year at the 2015 Australian Training Awards in Hobart on Thursday 19 November. Jared was among 16 winners out of 76 finalists, including Peter Henneken AM, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 40 years of service to the Queensland and national vocational education and training (VET) sectors.

The Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP, Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, provided a keynote address at the presentation dinner.

“All the award finalists have achieved amazing things thanks to VET, and are helping build a highly skilled workforce to help our nation remain competitive into the future,” Minister Hartsuyker told over 700 guests at the presentation dinner.

The presentation dinner was held at the iconic Princes Wharf 1 and guests were entertained by Soprano Grace Ovens of the Conservatorium of Music in Tasmania and BEX, a trio of musicians from Hobart College studying nationally recognised qualifications in music.

Winner, runner up and finalist biographies are available on the Australian Training Awards website. To view the online conversations about the Awards, search the social media hashtag #ATA2015 or visit the Awards’ Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Held each November, the Awards are the peak national awards for VET, recognising innovation and excellence in VET. Many of the awards are the culmination of the state and territory training awards with winners from each state and territory competing in these national finals. Seven of the awards are available by direct entry to the national level.

Don’t miss the Faces of Excellence section which features the 2015 award recipients!

2016 direct entry categories of the Awards open December 2015. For more information visit the website.

COAG and Industry Skills Council meeting

Ministers and their representatives at the CISC meeting (L-R) – Parliamentary Secretary Nathan Barrett (NT), the Hon John Barilaro MP (NSW), the Hon Matthew Groom MP (Tas), the Hon Liza Harvey MLA (WA), the Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP (Cwth), Ms Joy Burch MLA (ACT), the Hon Yvette D’Ath MP (Qld) and the Hon Steve Herbert MP (Vic).

The COAG Industry and Skills Council (CISC) meeting for skills Ministers was held in Hobart on 20 November, to coincide with the Australian Training Awards. This meeting was the first to be chaired by the Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, the Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP. An industry forum held prior to the meeting allowed Commonwealth and jurisdictional representatives to engage with members of Tasmanian business and industry to discuss issues surrounding foundation skills, skills shortages and technology.

  • During the meeting Council members discussed a range of issues, including:
  • the need for the collection and distribution of quality and timely data, as well as improvements required to accessing information about the VET sector. The considerable work that went into the recent release of the Total VET Activity data was recognised
  • the roles and responsibilities of the Commonwealth and states and territories, with particular regard to Federation and the review of the National Partnership. Ministers agreed that further work was required, especially in the areas of quality, in particular monitoring programs for unintended consequences, and harmonisation
  • training quality and the reform of training products, with Ministers agreeing to a suite of reforms to be applied to training packages and accredited courses
  • industry responsiveness and the work to date of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

The next meeting will be held in Sydney in March 2016. The communique from the meeting is now available online.

Launch of the Total VET Activity report

Total VET Activity report launched

On 10 November the Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP, Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, launched the first Total VET Activity (TVA) report with Professor Peter Shergold, Chair of the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) board.

Minister Hartsuyker welcomed the release of the new report which captures, for the first time, the sheer scale and diversity of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. He reflected that Australia was a learning nation, with 3.9 million people undertaking VET studies in 2014.

“The VET sector makes a vital contribution to our economy” Minister Hartsuyker said. “We see people receiving initial training through VET, updating their skills through VET and transitioning from one industry to another using VET.”

2014 was the first year of TVA reporting and the release of this comprehensive data set of all nationally recognised training by all RTOs is a significant milestone.

Skills Ministers from across the country came together for the COAG Industry Skills Council meetings in Hobart on 20 November. Ministers acknowledged the TVA release as a significant improvement in the availability of information on the VET sector. They also acknowledged that it was only achieved with the cooperation of all governments and the involvement of VET providers, and they particularly appreciated the efforts of private providers submitting data for the first time.

Access the Total VET Activity data and read the Media Release and transcript of the launch.

Australian Industry and Skills Committee update

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee held its fifth meeting in Hobart on 1 December 2015.

The communiqué is available online.

Update - Expression of Interest to operate as a Skills Service Organisation

The Department of Education and Training is undertaking a competitive expression of interest process to identify organisations to operate as Skills Service Organisations (SSOs). A key objective of this process is to introduce contestability and strengthen industry leadership in the new system.

Under the new arrangements for developing training packages, Industry Reference Groups (IRCs) will drive training package development. They will be supported in this work by SSOs.

SSOs will support a range of IRCs by providing technical, operational and secretariat activities to enable those IRCs to undertake their industry engagement and training product development and review activities.

Decisions about the content of training packages to be put forward for approval will be the responsibility of the IRC.

SSOs are expected to be operational from January 2016.

Quality of assessment in vocational education and training – Discussion Paper

Quality outcomes from vocational education and training are fundamental to ensuring a skilled workforce and supporting a productive economy. In a competency-based training system, assessment is the gatekeeper for quality.

To ensure high quality within the system, the Council of Australian Governments Industry and Skills Council (CISC) agreed that further reform options be developed to improve the quality of assessment of student training outcomes. CISC agreed that Minister Hartsuyker will consult with VET stakeholders and jurisdictions on options to improve assessment in VET and report back to CISC with possible reform options in 2016.

Priority areas for investigation include strengthening skills of VET trainers and assessors, consideration of improved validation of assessment, including greater industry involvement, and options for tougher regulatory interventions.

To support consultations, the Department of Education and Training will release the Quality of assessment in vocational education and training – Discussion Paper on the department’s website from mid-December 2015 to mid-February 2016.

New law to recover HELP and TSL debts from Australians overseas

What has changed?
The Australian Government has introduced new repayment obligations for Aussies living overseas who have a Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) or Trade Support Loan (TSL) debt. This will make the system fairer for everyone by ensuring that all Australians with a HELP or TSL debt are treated the same.

Until now, people who took out a HELP or TSL loan and moved overseas were under no obligation to repay their debt as long as they remained offshore residents. Now, anyone who has a HELP or TSL debt, who earns above the minimum repayment threshold, will repay their debt regardless of where they live.

What does this mean?
• From 1 January 2016, people with HELP and TSL debt who move overseas for six months or more will be required to notify the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
• From 1 July 2017, people with HELP or TSL debt who are non-residents for tax purposes will be required to assess their total Australian and foreign-sourced income in order to make income contingent repayments. This will start from the 2016-17 financial year.

What should I do?
If you have a current HELP or TSL debt (including those who have already graduated from study but are still paying off their debt) register for a myGov account and link your account to the ATO so that you can be contacted for updates and reminders. This is because, from 1 July 2017, if you are overseas you will use your myGov account to lodge an assessment of your world-wide income.

Using your myGov account, you can view your HELP debt online, confirm your payment reference number (PRN) and view payment options.

Read the Fact Sheet for more information.

Australia and Singapore VET Regulators joint agreement

The Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, the Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP, has welcomed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore.

Minister Hartsuyker said the MOU would provide the foundation for the two regulators to work together to ensure those undertaking formal Australian vocational qualifications in Singapore receive high quality training and assessment.

ASQA is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector while CPE was established in December 2009 to regulate the private education industry in Singapore.

Chief Executive of CPE, Mr Brandon Lee, anticipated that the partnership would lead to greater insight into the developing trends of the VET sectors in both countries.

Australia and Singapore entered into a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership on 29 June 2015 to elevate the bilateral relationship between the two countries. In support of this new Partnership, the two countries agreed to implement a ten-year roadmap of joint practical actions (Project 2025) to deepen cooperation in economic, foreign affairs, defence and security and people-to-people fields. The Department of Education and Training is actively involved in the DFAT-led development and implementation of the roadmap.

The recent signing of the MOU between ASQA and CPE will contribute to the roadmap process, particularly in increasing links between education authorities, exchange of information and sharing of good practices in regulation and quality assurance in vocational education and training.

Read more . . . .

Skills Checkpoint Pilot: Reinvigorate your career for the new year

Have you been thinking about a change in your role or occupation?
Find out about the training pathways available to you and how to make that move towards a promotion or into a new job.

Never thought about it before?
Speak to one of our providers and find out what kind of roles will be in demand and how you are placed to take advantage.

The Department of Education and Training is offering free career advisory services for employed people aged 45-54 years. Services will be available in NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and WA for the six month pilot commencing mid-November 2015. Our providers will work one-on-one with you to identify your skill levels, interests and experience to put together a Career Plan setting out pathways to further employment or training and education to achieve your goals.

For further information, including how to apply, visit Skills Checkpoint Pilot.

Industry Skills Fund

Delivering training grants and skills advice to business

The Industry Skills Fund (the fund) is an Australian Government programme that provides eligible businesses with access to training so that they are better placed to succeed in a rapidly changing economy. Offering over 250,000 training places and support services for industry, the fund is targeting SMEs, including micro businesses, which are preparing to take up growth opportunities outside of their normal day-to-day business operations.

In addition to training grants, the fund can also provide free independent skills advice to eligible businesses.

The fund is a key part of the Australian Government’s programme of vocational education and training (VET) reform to lift the quality of both training providers and their courses, enhancing the contribution VET makes to the employment prospects of students and Australia’s economy.

Large businesses and businesses repositioning due to market driven structural adjustment are eligible to apply.

To find out more, call 13 28 46 or visit the website to complete a simple online enquiry form.

My Skills- providing more information to consumers

The My Skills training directory was created to inform consumers about training opportunities and options. It also provides an easy and streamlined RTO login portal for RTOs to instantaneously publish information to help training consumers make better decisions.

VET FEE-HELP RTOs are now required to publish their maximum prices for VET FEE-HELP courses on My Skills. RTOs can also provide unique descriptions of their courses to help users compare the same course offered by different RTOs.


In the My Skills portal RTOs can:
• access instructions on meeting their regulatory pricing information obligations for VET FEE-HELP
• check their scope and hide courses not currently offered
• identify courses that are delivered online
• provide course price and duration information
• add training locations so they can be found by more training seekers
• provide a personalised description of their training
• add their organisation’s logo.

Why is providing information important?
My Skills search results prioritise RTOs that provide information for their courses. The more information RTOs provide, the easier it is for consumers to find them.

RTOs can keep their details up-to-date by LOGGING IN NOW at myskills.gov.au.

Misplaced password?
Enter your email address and press the reset password button.

Need more information or support?
Contact myskillshelp@education.gov.au.

USI - Inform, Create or Collect, Verify and Report

Important information for RTOs


As an RTO, you are required to collect and verify a student’s USI before you can issue a qualification or statement of attainment, unless a specific exemption applies.

You should remember these key points for easy management of the USI process!

  • Inform your student of USI requirements prior to enrolment.
  • Create or Collect the USI upon enrolment – Don’t forget to check if the student already has one prior to creating.
  • Verify the USI at enrolment or as soon as possible!
  • Report – Include the USI with your AVETMISS reporting.

It is important to ensure that your students are aware of USI requirements prior to enrolment. Better informed students will have their USIs ready upon enrolment or prepared with relevant documents so that you can create one easily on their behalf.

Create or Collect
Don’t delay collecting the USI as part of your enrolment process as it will make managing your reporting requirements much easier! If you are planning to create a USI on behalf of your students, please ensure that you have sought their permission to do so prior to creating it.

Once you have the student’s permission, use the LOCATE USI function to see if there is already an existing USI in the system. There may be times when they have forgotten their USI and it is important that you do not create a new one for them. Anyone who has enrolled in nationally recognised training since 1 January 2015 is likely to already have a USI.

If possible, check USI details against the confirmation document supplied to the student or against the same ID document used to create the USI. Students should enrol using the exact name and DOB details used to create their USI. This will improve the integrity of your records as well as the integrity of the national training records.

Once you have created a USI on a student's behalf, encourage them to then store their USI somewhere safe as it is theirs for life and you only need to create it once!

Remember, you will still need to verify a student’s USI even if you don’t plan on creating a USI on their behalf.  It is also important that you verify USIs at the time of collection wherever possible and before the student completes enrolment or as soon as possible afterwards. Follow up all missing or unverified USIs quickly with your students.

System to system connectivity, between your student management system and the USI Registry System, enables you to create (with a student’s permission) and verify USIs through your own system. This allows for a more streamlined process.

Are you connected?  If not, get connected with us today!

When you submit your data to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) according to the reporting requirements you must include a USI. Failure to do so may be a breach of your registration requirements.

Transcripts for students will be available from mid-2016. In order to ensure that students have accurate data on their transcripts, it is important that your data submission is correct!

If you are experiencing trouble connecting or understanding your obligations as an RTO, contact us on 1300 857 536.

Alternatively, you can also email us.

Stay up to date with the latest news on the USI via our website.

WorldSkills Australia


Australia’s finest young apprentices, trainees and students are gearing up for the ultimate trades and skills challenge, the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition.

Supported by the Victorian Government, the National Competition will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from 6 – 8 May 2016.  Close to 500 competitors from all corners of Australia will compete in over 50 skill categories including Vehicle Painting, Bricklaying, Hairdressing, Programming, Cookery and Welding.

The competitors’ journeys began at the WorldSkills Australia Regional Competitions held in 31 regions across the country. As the Regional Competitions draw to a close, stand-out competitors will be selected to progress onto the National Competition. Read more . . . .

From 17 – 19 May 2016 WorldSkills Australia will determine its first National Champions at the Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Building Services (ARBS) exhibition at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. ARBS will be hosting the National Refrigeration Competition for the seventh time.

Since first offered in the late 1980s, the challenge has yielded some amazing young talent including 1999 Skillaroo and Gold Medallist, Chris MacDonald and 2015 Skillaroo and Medallion of Excellence winner, Beau Kupris. Read more about the Refrigeration Competition.

Discover Your Career Campaign

Discover Your Career has had a makeover and is waiting for you to visit and start your journey to finding a career in tourism and hospitality. The Tourism & Hospitality Careers Council (THCC) has just updated and re-launched the website. It’s now mobile and tablet optimised, and better integrated with Discover Hospitality and Discover Tourism.

If you want to start a career in an industry identified as Australia’s next economic powerhouse, then Tourism and Hospitality is for you! Tourism is on track to be a $145.1 billion economy for Australia within 10 years! And with growth and success comes the need for staff of all ages and experience.

Discover Your Career is the place to land and be guided through a myriad of job opportunities, pathways to careers, profiles of people already in the industry and a complete video library to inspire you.

Rediscover Discover Your Career now.

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN - TDA / AVETRA Industry Innovation Scholarship

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) and Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) are pleased to announce the third round of the joint Industry Innovation Scholarship

By providing $6,000 for an individual or group of practitioners to research innovative ways to work with industry or community to meet skill needs, the scholarship supports applied research between TAFE and industry.

The scholarship commenced in 2014 and supports TDA’s strategic objective to position TAFE in a competitive training market, and AVETRA’s strong commitment to the development of research in VET nationally.

Applications close on 11 March 2016 and those including co-sponsorship contributions by industry are strongly encouraged.

Read more or contact Melinda Waters on (02) 9217 4951 or at mwaters@tda.edu.au.


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New look for Industry Skills Standards and Qualifications from early 2016

Over the past two years, ForestWorks has undertaken work to rewrite their industry’s skills standards and qualifications into a new format determined by the Australian Government.

The new format will not require RTOs or industry to change their current systems and processes, but offers a clearer and simpler layout, designed to improve the quality of outcomes for industry.

While the format has changed, the content has largely remained the same. All revised units, skill sets and qualifications are equivalent to present standards and RTOs’ scope will be automatically updated, with no anticipated impact on existing funding arrangements.

Read more in the media release.

Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council

Download the December Newsletter.

CPSISC 2016-2017 Stakeholder Survey
CPSISC is inviting their valued stakeholders to participate in the 2016-2017 Stakeholder Survey.

This survey collects intelligence to inform the development of CPSISC’s Annual Environmental Scan (E-Scan) and the development of VET products beyond 2016.

As National VET Reform brings change, CPSISC industry and VET stakeholders need current intelligence to remain connected in an evolving new VET market. As industries are restructured and new occupations start developing, CPSISC will report the latest trends in the E-Scan report.

Each survey returned is numbered and goes into a draw, with all respondents eligible to win a new Apple Watch valued up to $900. To be in the draw, you must submit your survey responses by         5 pm 18 December 2015 (AEDT).

Should the format of the survey limit the specific detail you wish to provide, you can contact Dianne Dayhew directly at CPSISC on 0488 481 311 or at dianne.dayhew@cpsisc.com.au.

The winner will be notified by email and their details published in the CPSISC newsletter.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Commence the survey.

Professional Development Workshops for Construction & Property Services RTOs

CPSISC is once again holding a round of free professional development workshops for RTOs in the construction and property services sectors.

These free workshops will provide an important opportunity for RTOs to meet in a face-to-face environment to participate in discussions about the future of VET arrangements and impacts on Training Package implementation, as well as resources which can assist them to implement redesigned units of competency.

Canberra - 10 December 2015

For more information and to download a registration flyer visit the CPSISC website.    

Don’t miss out! CPSISC 2015 WHS Resources Pre-Order

CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
To support delivery of this newly redeveloped unit of competency, CPSISC has developed a suite of resources to be available once the unit has been endorsed and released on training.gov.au.

• 2015 WHS Pocketbook

Available in hard copy, this new and improved pocketbook for learners will include key information about health and safety legislative requirements; risk management and construction hazards; health and safety communication and reporting; and incident and emergency response.

• 2015 WHS Delivery and Assessment Guide

Available in hard copy and electronic (for iPads), this customisable template provides a detailed delivery strategy, and assessment tools and resources, to support trainers and assessors in quality delivery and assessment of the unit.

• 2015 WHS Web Application

This online resource for trainers, assessors and learners will be accessible via mobile and hand-held devices to support delivery of the unit. It will provide a summary of the construction hazards covered by the unit as well as some suggested risk control strategies.

These resources will be in demand. In preparation for their release, CPSISC is collecting pre-orders. For more information, and to download the pre-order form, visit the CPSISC website.

Service Skills Australia


Training Package Updates


Submitted to the Department of Education and Training for endorsement:

• 13 November 2015 - Community Pharmacy Components of the SIR Retail Services Training Package. The Case for Endorsement and the submitted components are available on the Service Skills Australia website to both inform and assist in the planning activities of stakeholders. The training package has been loaded on training.gov.au and will be available for release when formal endorsement notification is received.

• 27 November 2015 – proposed components of the SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package and the supporting Case for Endorsement. The Case for Endorsement and the submitted components are available on the Service Skills Australia website to both inform and assist in the planning activities of stakeholders.

The training packages has been developed adhering to The Training Package Development and Endorsement Policy and to meet the requirements of the Standards for Training Packages. They have undergone extensive industry consultation and validation and a full external quality review which deemed the proposed training packages compliant with these standards.

SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package V2.0
Following the endorsement of the beauty components in September, the proposed components of the SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Services Training Package V2.0 and its supporting Case for Endorsement were submitted to the Department of Education and Training on 30 November 2015.

This second submission includes the following qualifications:
• Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics
• Certificate II in Salon Assistant
• Certificate III in Barbering
• Certificate III in Hairdressing
• Certificate IV in Hairdressing
• Diploma of Salon Management
• Graduate Certificate in Hairdressing Creative Leadership.

The Case for Endorsement and the submitted components are available on the Service Skills Australia website to both inform and assist in the planning activities of stakeholders. The training package has been loaded on training.gov.au and will be available for release when formal endorsement notification is received.

Service Skills Australia would like to thank all stakeholders for their time and feedback.

For more information on any of these training packages, please contact trainingpackages@serviceskills.com.au or (02) 8243 1200.


RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training package endorsed

SkillsDMC is pleased to announce that the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package was endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee on 1 December 2015.

The training package is currently being published and will be available to view via training.gov.au shortly.

Innovation and Business Skills Australia

Holiday period product delivery times
IBSA's office will be closed from 25 December 2015 to 3 January 2016.

Place and confirm your order before 11 December 2015 to ensure you receive it prior to Christmas. Read more . . . .


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Introducing the recipients of the 2015 Australian Training Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Henneken AM

Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award

Lyn Wilson, New South Wales

VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year

Stephen Lunn, Tasmania
Guilford Young College

Vocational Student of the Year

Karen Rose, Northern Territory
Diploma of Logistics

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Philadelphia Hughes, Northern Territory
Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year

Sandra Van Der Gaag, Western Australia
Certificate III in Process Plant Operations

Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year

Brenden Williamson, New South Wales
Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology

Australian Apprentice of the Year

Jared Stone, Western Australia
Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician




Australian Apprenticeships - Employer Award

Clinipath Pathology, Western Australia

Small Employer of the Year

Hy-Performance Fluid Power, Queensland

Employer of the Year

Crown Perth, Western Australia

Industry Collaboration Award

Clennett's Mitre 10; Whitelion Incorporated; and MGET Institute, Tasmania



School Pathways to VET Award

Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, New South Wales

Small Training Provider of the Year

Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre, Victoria

International Training Provider of the Year


Large Training Provider of the Year

VERTO, New South Wales

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Call for presenters - 2016 National VET Conference

15-16 September 2016

Velg Training is calling for presenters for the 2016 National VET Conference to be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. The conference theme is Celebrating VET and will focus on multiple streams including Policy and Reform; RTO Management and Compliance; Training and Assessing; VET Shapers; and eLearning.

All submissions will be reviewed for their relevance to the theme and alignment to Velg Training’s mission statement to Educate, Inspire and Empower the VET sector.

Submissions are due on Friday 29 January 2016 and applicants will be notified of the outcome on Monday 29 February 2016. To submit a presentation, access the 2016 Call for Presenters online application form.

For more information, visit the Velg website or contact Dimity Redcliffe, Marketing, Conference and Events Manager on (07) 3866 0888 or at conference@velgtraining.com.

Presentation Skills for the 21st Century Trainer - Marc Ratcliffe
Brisbane - 29 January 2016
Sydney - 9 February 2016
Melbourne - 16 February 2016

Visit the Velg website for more information or to register.

Mentoring Mondays
In 2016 Velg Training will again be running Mentoring Programs to support RTO roles:
• RTO Managers Mentoring Program
• RTO Administrators Mentoring Program
• Trainer and Assessor Mentoring Program
• VET Coordinator Mentoring Program
• VET Teacher Mentoring Program.

Read more about these programs.

PNG TVET Mission 2016

22 - 26 February 2016, Port Moresby and Lae, Papua New Guinea

Applications due 30 January 2016

Market your technical and vocational education courses to a substantial and growing economy in the Pacific Islands region.

This TVET mission will focus on technical and vocational education training opportunities in Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG has a significant programme to connect the country through new road infrastructure, airports and seaports.

New investments are also being made in the hospitality sector and the economically significant mining, oil and gas resources sector. To achieve this development there is strong demand from local and international industry, as well as government, for highly skilled labour.

The mission will connect Australian technical and vocational education service providers with the partners they need to successfully develop and deliver TVET skills programs within PNG and Australia. It will also provide participants with insights on how to operate successfully in an environment that while occasionally difficult, has great potential.

To participate in the PNG TVET Mission 2016 submit an application on the Austrade website.

For more details, read the event brochure or contact Max Umbu, Senior Business Development Manager, Austrade Port Moresby on +675 325 9150 or at max.umbu@austrade.gov.au.

International Keynote speakers announced - Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Conference 2016

5 – 6 May 2016, Sydney

AITD are pleased to announce that influential learning experts Donald Clark and Ger Driesen will be keynote speakers at their Annual National Conference.

The Conference is a highly regarded event for providing delegates with high quality, dynamic presentations on an exciting range of innovative topics. In 2016 the presentations will explore technology, learning strategy, innovation, social and collaborative learning, leadership, talent development and much more.

Register today and save up to 40% off standard registration prices. Visit the AITD website to register and for more information.

Details about speakers and topics will be posted on the website as they become available. Follow @aitd1 on Twitter #AITD2016 for updates.


2016 National Skills Week

29 August - 4 September 2016

Watch the National Skills Week website in coming weeks for the announcement of the 2016 theme and other details.

2016 Australian Training Awards

17 November 2016, Darwin, Northern Territory

Registrations to attend the 2016 Australian Training Awards presentation dinner event will open       1 July 2016.

To register your interest in attending please email australiantrainingawards@education.gov.au and we will forward registration details to you on the opening date.

25th National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference No Frills

6 – 8 July 2016, CQUniversity Rockhampton campus, Queensland

Considered one of the best value events on the VET calendar, No Frills turns 25 next year and NCVER is delighted to co-host the National Conference with CQUniversity.

More information to come.

2016 Group Training National Conference

7- 8 April 2016, Adelaide Hilton

More event information will be available here soon.


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NEW - CareerMe app

CareerMe is a free app for all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to help young people plan career paths and find job opportunities.

Previously known as Career Hunter, CareerMe provides up-to-date occupational information and highlights the industries where skills are most needed, allowing young people to make tangible links from school to the world of work. CareerMe enables job seekers of all ages to have employment information at their fingertips anywhere, anytime.

The app includes:
• job descriptions
• industry profiles
• top jobs and skills shortages in each industry
• training requirements
• location of training organisations
• current job vacancies.

Download the app.

Book an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador

You can request an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador to share their success story at your event or activity. Visit the Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors Map to see who is located nearby, read their success story and send a booking request. (Bookings require 28 days’ notice.)

Real Stories Real Achievements video series

The third Real Stories Real Achievements video series is now available. For more information about these inspirational journeys of career and business success through vocational education and training, contact the Australian Training Awards at australiantrainingwards@education.gov.au.


eworks offers a range of products and services to help businesses maximise the benefits of online education. Visit their website and read some of their recent blogs to learn about their practical solutions, tools and advice.

What Works for LLN - free online library of language, literacy and numeracy training and professional development videos

There are now 33 LLN videos available to view online or download for free on the Ideas that Work website.

economic Security4Women (eS4W)

economic security for women (eS4W), an issues-based group,advocates for change to policies which continue to impact negatively on equality for women and their ongoing economic security. eS4W promotes the belief that economic wellbeing and financial security are essential for women and will enable women of all ages to have an equal place in society. Read more . . . .

Money management help for apprentices and trainees

Improve money management skills by accessing Be MoneySmart, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) free online training resource. Use the resource:

  • for accredited training as part of the Certificate III in Financial Services (FNS3011)
  • for general money management skills development programmes
  • as a package for training organisations to include on their learning management system.

Workforce Planning Guide for the Tourism & Hospitality Industry

If you work in the tourism and hospitality industry, download this Guide and workforce planning templates from Service Skills Australia for practical advice on making sure you’ve got the right people and skills to meet your business goals.

Geelong jobseekers app

This app provides a live feed of current local jobs to local jobseekers via their phone as well as indications of trending industries, vocational education training information and services available for retrenched workers and other key groups in this region. Available to download from the Geelong Careers website, the App Store or Google Play.

Foundation skills resources from Aspire Learning

For more information or to view sample pages please visit Aspire’s website or call (03) 9820 1300.

Assessment model resources to support your training

smallprint and Catapult eLearning’s entire training and assessment resource library is now available in print and online with a NEW assessment model. For more information contact:

Revised and updated Making the Connections now available

MSA has revised and updated the highly successful Making the Connections professional development resource designed to assist VET practitioners integrate foundation skills and language, literacy and numeracy into their training. 

Free ISC foundation skills resources now in one place

Please visit the website for more information and to access the resources.

Numeracy by Measure, Numeracy in Practice and Numeracy in Focus

Free professional development resources developed by Oggi Consulting and funded by the Australian Government include:

For more information please email Tina Berghella at Oggi Consulting.

VOCEDplus – latest research on VET, skills and workforce development issues

Visit VOCEDplus to stay in touch with current research, policy and practice across a broad range of areas affecting the VET sector in Australia and internationally.

Government Skills Australia – foundation skills resources

Please visit the website to download the resources.


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Australian Apprenticeships - provides quick and easy access to information regarding Australian Apprenticeships, including Australian Apprenticeships programs, employer incentives and support for apprentices during their apprenticeships.

Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service and Australian Apprenticeships Pathways - provide apprenticeships and traineeships information and resources.

Australian Training Awards - the peak, national awards for the vocational education and training sector, recognising individuals, businesses and registered training organisations for their contribution to skilling Australia.

business.gov.au - offers businesses simple, practical and convenient access to all the government information, programmes and services they need to make running their business and skilling their employees easier.

Industry Skills Councils - bringing together industry, educators and governments, and uniting them on a common industry-led agenda for action on skills and workforce development.

MySkills.gov.au - provides information about vocational education and training to future and current students, jobseekers and employers to help them make informed choices about training.

National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) - a not for profit company responsible for collecting, managing, analysing, evaluating and communicating research statistics about vocational education and training.

National Skills Week - provides a platform to highlight the opportunities and career pathways available through vocational education and training.

StudyAssist.gov.au - one stop shop for information on government assistance while studying. Students can use the website to determine their options for financing their tertiary study. The course search function allows students to look for courses offered by approved VET FEE-HELP providers.

training.gov.au - the official national register of information on training packages, qualifications, courses, units of competency and registered training organisations, developed for experienced training sector users.

Unique Student Identifier (USI) - provides information about the USI, a reference number that creates a secure online lifetime record of an individual’s nationally recognised training and qualifications.

WorldSkills Australia - working to promote and build a skills culture by inspiring young people, celebrating skills excellence and providing opportunities to showcase trade and skill talent through competitions held on a regional, national and international level.


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