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One Minute Film Festival: Bite-Sized Horror

photo of a foggy landscape with a shadowy figure walking

Filmmaking tools have never been more accessible; most of us carry a high-quality video camera in our pockets every day. The One Minute Film Festival was created to give a platform for visual storytelling to anyone in the Pitt community with an idea and a smartphone or digital camera.

This year, the C4C has teamed up with our friends from Horror Studies in the University Library System and the Horror Studies Working Group to bring you all the shudders and scares with One Minute Film Festival: Bite-Sized Horror.  

What scares you? How can you convey a message, show the meaning in a moment, and compel an audience in only a minute? We shiver with antici… pation!

Find out moreincluding submission and cash prize info.

photo of homemade special effects makeup, red that resembles blood

Making Faces: SFX Made Easy

Special effects makeup doesn’t have to be something that only professionals do, and even those artists don’t stick to fancy latex prosthetics for all their effects. Learn ways to make prosthetics and build up weird, cool effects using everyday supplies. Register now.

Mental Health in All Mediums

graphic silhouette of a head filled with blue, purple, and pink gears

Our minds are complex, and putting our experiences, thoughts, and emotions into words can be intimidating. The complexities of our lives are beautiful, though, and whether we share through language, image, sound, or movement, there is value in communicating them.

This October during Mental Health Awareness Month, the C4C and Pitt NAMI host a virtual gallery focused on the expression of mental health. From now through Oct. 25, submit your creative work of any kind: music, visual art, performance, writing, or more. 

And save Wednesday, Oct. 20, on your calendar for Open Mic, Open Minds, an open mic night honoring our experiences of mental health. More details to come!

Photo to Fabric: Art for August x C4C x ULS

photo of denim fabric with women's faces transferred onto it

Join artist LaVerne Kemp for a special talk and hands-on workshop where you'll turn a photo into fabric art!

Weaver and fiber artist LaVerne Kemp discusses her artwork “Red Hot Jazz” and shows you how to transfer your own photograph or archival image to fabric and create simple embellishments. When you finish, you’ll have a small handmade pillow featuring your photographic print.  

Register now! Space is limited.

Hosted by the Center for Creativity and University of Pittsburgh Library System. Sponsored by August Wilson House and University Art Gallery.

What's Your Story?

photo of woman weaving brightly colored red, gold, and green tapestry on loom

There are countless ways to tell a story: writing, speaking, painting, weaving, music, and more. And all of us have a unique story to tell.

The Center for Creativity and University Center for International Studies present the What's Your Story? series: workshops on different storytelling methods to help you share your unique identity, history, and ideas. Both domestic and international students are encouraged to attend.

For our first workshop, Deb Brandon, textile enthusiast and author of Threads Around the World, explores the stories—literal and symbolic, personal and cultural—revealed in ethnic and traditional textiles, and you'll share your story by making your own reusable tote.

Register now! Space is limited. 

Wit(h)ness: A CAAPP Black Study on Intimacy

graphic art of a black hand reaching toward a falling black body

From Oct. 4-8, the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics presents Wit(h)ness, a series of virtual and in-person events that will engage in creative practice toward themes related to, interrogating, and working from intimacy in this contemporary moment. See CAAPP's website for program details.

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