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Beyond the “Talk Show” Podcast

photo of podcasting microphone and audio editing program on monitor

Thursday, Nov. 11, 4-5:30 p.m.  |  Register here

Explore examples of stories, uncover what makes them work, and learn how to create an audio narrative that works for your unique story and audience in the latest What's Your Story? workshop from the C4C and the University Center for International Studies.

Beyond the "Talk Show" Podcast features christina ong, creator, producer, and host of Seats at the Table, a podcast elevating the narratives of activist and immigrant womxn in the United States.

This virtual workshop will cover basic approaches to storytelling through podcasts rather than specific instruction on equipment, software, or publishing platforms. There will a Q&A at the end of the workshop for attendees to ask questions about this information.

Make a Scene

photo of two actors on stage

With midterms behind us, are you looking ahead to holiday drama? We can help you make a scene (consequence-free) this fall with two new performance-based workshops. 

Flip the Script to discover how the same words can convey radically different meanings using just your voice and movement. In One Minute Monologues, distill your story and experience to connect with others in only sixty seconds.

Previous performance experience is welcome but not needed: these workshops are great for anyone looking to sharpen their communication skills, flex a new creative muscle, or add to their performance toolkit.

photo of Vandercook print press rollers inked in red

Meet the Press

Letterpress-curious? Come by the Text & conText Lab to meet the Vandercook proof press, great for printing cards, posters, text pages, and more. We'll show you the process so you can make your own projects at your convenience. No reservation needed: drop in on one of our Tuesday (5:30 p.m.) or Thursday (2:30 p.m.) sessions.

Cook Up Something Creative

photo of paintbrushes in a steel spaghetti pot

Do you have a killer recipe for seven-layer dip? How about one for homemade ink? Instructions on how to write a haiku, tie a bow tie, or make a mysterious crop circle on someone's farm? 

The Division of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement (PAE) United Way committee is working on a recipe book as a fundraiser for the United Way, and they need your contribution.

Food or drink recipes are great, but this recipe book is open to how-to's of any kind. Go on and get creative: you can submit as many entries as you like.

  • Send the text of your "recipe" as a Word doc or in the body of an email to Rick Antolic at 
  • Please attach an image to accompany your text. Photos must be original (not taken from the Internet), and can be of any part of the process: the finished product, an "ingredient," or maybe a selfie of you engaged in the process.

Submissions are due by Tuesday, November 30, so get cooking!

Women of Visions

line sketch of a woman's face next to a bird whose feathers are her hair

Founded in 1981, Women of Visions is believed to be the longest-running collective of Black women artists in the United States.

The 50 works in the new Women of Visions exhibition span a range of media, from painting and sculpture to quilts and ceramics. Together they attest to the powerful voices of Black women and the unique identity of the WOV artists.

This exhibition includes works by all current WOV members, including LaVerne Kemp, facilitator of the recent Photo to Fabric workshop hosted by the C4C and University of Pittsburgh Library System, and sponsored by August Wilson House and University Art Gallery.

Visit Women of Visions, on exhibition through February 2022 at the University Art Gallery. Gallery hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to 4 p.m., Thursday from noon to 7 p.m. 

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