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Food for an inspiring summer break

Before our summer break we want to send you our best wishes for a relaxing break and a few thoughts for an inspirational summer. On the 3th of May our network was selected to start phase 2. Since then, it has been a roller coaster.

Maarten and Isabelle attended a programme level meeting in Paris where we found out more about the expectations of URBACT from our network. The main message for us was that the URBACT Local groups are the core of our network. So please, let us know which information, inspiration or support you need on your city level. An important task of the lead expert and lead partner is to support you during the full two years, not only during the meetings.

Isabel Michielsen went to Paris and met communication officers of the other networks and the National Urbact Points. Three points were new and interesting: (1) if you want to reach a broader audience, reach out to them on Twitter, (2) National Urbact Points (NUP) are a good way to spread your message on a national level. (3) sub>urban has a webpage on the website: We will update this page monthly, so stay tuned.

Our network launched in public and outside our comfort zone in Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam. You can read more about this evening in this newsletter and in our ‘Book of Ideas: The Flexible City. Sustainable Solutions for the Urban Fringe.’ A few weeks later the network met up with all the partner cities for our first transnational meeting in Antwerp. We will share with you our first thoughts, photos and videos in this newsletter.

March until June was also the first reporting period for the initial partnership of phase 1. We managed to input everything on time but we also learned some valuable lessons for the next reporting period, which is summarized in the following sentence: “set internal deadlines earlier”. 

Now it is time to relax after a busy spring and we hope to see a lot of you at the Summer University in Rotterdam.

Kind regards,
Isabelle and Isabel


Putting sub>urban on the EU Urban Agenda
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Lead Expert Maarten Van Tuijl introduces the network sub>urban to a Dutch audience in Amsterdam.

May 26, Amsterdam. Sub>urban hosts the first event on Sustainable Solutions for the Urban Fringe for a broad audience in the Netherlands. As part of a series of lectures on The Flexible City, Isabelle Verhaert (Lead Partner) and Maarten Van Tuijl (Lead Expert) invited urban experts from outside and inside the network to talk about Reinventing the fringe and the essence of what the urban fringe is about.

Read all about it on:


Let's talk about Transforming Planning
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Finding inspiration not only in exchanging experiences, but also in the locations that are undergoing change.

June 29-July 1, Antwerp. The first transnational meeting with all partners of sub>urban dives right into one of the core themes of the network: Transforming Planning. 

Central to this topic is the fact that the results of a good and integrated urban plan isn't realised in 2 years but in 15 years. So we focussed on both, drafting a workplan for local action and also keeping in mind the results within 15 years time. Each partner prepared a short video of the project area in their city and envisioned results. Find out what they said on YouTube:


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Tweet and Linkedin post by Barcelona Metropolitan Area: "Working on tomorrow's meeting with the municipality and hoping them to be as much motivated as we are! (Still inspired by the thematic meeting in Antwerp)"

Another goal of the meeting is exchanging methodologies and learning by doing. Every partner received a Toolbox, in which we are going to collect all experiences, methodologies, communication actions, et cetera that we are using during the upcoming years. It was great to see that our partner Barcelona Metropolitan Area already used the methodologies one week after the Transforming Planning Meeting. 

While we are creating a new Book of Ideas, you can all ready catch up on: