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Email Design Review
Hi there, here's this week's featured articles
Split-Testing Responsive Email: You're Doing it Wrong
It's a better experience, and you can't put numbers on that.
Email Design Review
Shaping text in email
Rocketeer Mike Ragan takes a look at controlling responsive text layout.
Inspiration: B&Q Interactive Email
1000+ lines of code, but there's lots of clever stuff going on.
Email Design Review
The Kids Aren't Alright
HUGE reviews the online behaviour of the new generation of digital natives.
Making a case for having email specialists
Why it pays to have an email specialist, rather than just get the web guy to do it.
Litmus Community
Behold, the Fold
It's Friday. Let's argue about the fold.
Rocking our (in)box this week:
You Sold Your Company, What Did You Buy First?  •  The State of in-car UX  •  Always test for longer content  •  Don’t Let Resumes Prevent You From Hiring Great Leaders  •  InboxApp looks promising for the next gen email client(s)  •  More about Inbox App  •  Mailchimp Founder Ben Chestnut: Do What You Love  •  Facebook these days  •  Prankvertising  •  The code side of colour  •  Learn Mobile Email Design with us  •  Next round of Taxi invites go to this list early next week  •  @actionrocket on Twitter
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