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First insights, scenarios, and results: GoNexus puzzle is coming together


The GoNexus project is now entering a key phase with the release of the first insights, scenarios, and results. Last spring, the project's partners met in Como for a general assembly to share udpates and ideas for planning the next phases of the project. In parallel, a series of a stakeholder workshops have led to collectively identify and better understand the future scenarios for water use, river development, and management. In a few days's time, GoNexus will be presenting the results of the Senegal workshop at the 9th Global FRIEND-Water conference in Dakar. Finally, a series of videos have been produced for each GoNexus case study:

Lake Como

In addition, this newsletter spotlights two GoNexus' young researchers: Sneha Chevuru and Tamara Keijzer. They share information about their involvement in the project, as well as their future career dreams and aspirations.

Did you know that GoNEXUS is part of a big family of nexus projects? This month we spent time with the coordinators of REXUS, Anna Osann and José González and the outcome of this conversation can be found below. Their project aims to "developing and validating knowledge and tools to facilitate the transition from WEFE nexus theory to practice, taking into account climate impacts".


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Annual GoNexus general assembly in Lake Como

The GoNEXUS consortium met in an old villa to come together and share project updates and workshop new ideas for the next phase of the project. 

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Fact-checking future scenarios for the Senegal river

In May 2023, GoNexus partners gathered local stakeholders in the city of Saint-Louis to explore scenarios of water use, river development, and management.

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GoNexus' young researchers

As PhD candidates, Sneha Chevuru and Tamara Keijzer are actively contributing to the project's research activities. Find out how!

+ Sneha's interview
+Tamara's interview

Focus on REXUS, one of the GoNexus sister projects

Anna Osann and José González, the coordinators of REXUS project, explain which collaborative actions are in the works between GoNEXUS and REXUS.

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Upcoming Events

25 > 29
SEPT 2023

9th Global FRIEND-Water 2023

The University of Cheikh Anta Diop is hosting this international conference. Broadly speaking, the FRIEND-Water program covers water-related topics (hydrological extremes, climate resilient water adaption, etc.).

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11 > 15
DEC 2023
San Francisco & online

AGU 2023

Save the date for the American Geophysical Union - AGU 2023! You will get the chance to meet and talk about how opening science, opening pathways to discovery, and opening awareness to address climate change. 

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