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International Year of Co-operatives 2012 e-newsletter

8 July 2013

International Day of Co-operatives Special - Second Edition

Les Cameron

"Never say die" spirit
So many inspiring co-op developments have coincided with this year's IDC– from publications to new associations, from book launches to the announcement that the Goulburn Valley Food Co-operative, the fearless community manufacturing enterprise which rose from the ashes of the Heinz factory food closure in 2011, is about to launch its first line of products on July 18. 
GVFC was featured in this weekend's Sydney Morning Herald National article by Shane Green. Read more about how this new co-op is manufacturing 'honorable' products with the new era discretionary consumer in mind. The importance of the co-op to the community cannot be understated, not only generating jobs and supporting local schools, but giving back hope where there was none.
Watch the Food co-op's first taste of success video

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