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International Year of Co-operatives 2012 e-newsletter

8 July 2013

International Day of Co-operatives Special - how we celebrated down-under

International Day of Cooperatives 2013

Co-operatives in Australia - A ManualLaunch of Co-operatives in Australia - A Manual Adobe PDF
With over 13 million members in Australia, co-operatives are an important part of our economy and society. A new guide to understanding the purpose, start-up process, planning and running of a co-operative in Australia, has been published by Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast for the Co-operative Federation of NSW. The launch of the free downloadable manual Adobe PDF timed to coincide with IDC celebrations around the world, is a welcome resource for groups wanting to explore the co-op model of enterprise. 
Development of the manual started in 2012, the International Year of Co-operatives, as part of the initiatives aimed at creating lasting outcomes that would strengthen the sector and encourage its growth and success. The IYC 2012 Secretariat welcomes the arrival of this handy resource to help people find out more about this genuine self-help model of business.

BCCMBusiness Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals 
After an industry consultation process spanning nearly three years, the International Year of Co-operatives legacy goal of a national business council to promote the co-operative way of doing business, has been realised. The newly formed Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals will provide sector leadership in the important areas of education, research, promotion and advocacy, necessary to build awareness of the role of co-operatives and mutuals in the national economy.
In the run-up to the Federal election, political discussion is increasingly focused on the need to drive competition and productivity, stimulate local economic development, and equip communities to develop their own responses to economic and social needs - fertile ground indeed, to highlight the role of co-ops and mutuals in the economic and community development of Australia.
The BCCM will unite the entire, diverse range of co-operative and mutually owned businesses from different areas of the economy including agriculture, financial services, retail, motoring, insurance, health, housing, renewable energy and others, to work together to promote recognition of the co-operative business structure in Australia. 
Download the membership brochure

The Co-operative Revolution - Australian launchThe Co-operative Revolution - Australian launch
Sydney co-operators were treated to an entertaining presentation on the ideas that inspired a co-op graphic novel, The Co-operative Revolution, by political cartoonist Polyp. The crowd gathered at Abbey's Bookshop in Sydney last Thursday for the Australian launch of the novel, to hear the background of the stories selected, as well as learning about the process of creating the beautiful images that depict the story of the Rochdale weavers, pioneers of the global co-op movement. 
Thanks Polyp! Buy the novel to find out which well known Australian co-ops are on the world map in the book! Or view the online version.
Tell us about your IDC activity so that we can include it in the next newsletter.

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