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WELCOME TO THE July Vision: 2025 News Bulletin

In this month's newsletter: 

  • Green Leader Q&A with Chris Johnson, Sustainability Lead at Shambala Festival
  • Guest Blog on Circular Systems at Body & Soul Festival, Ireland
  • Vision: 2025 Sustainable Event Summit programme highlights revealed
  • Julie's Bicycle and Vision: 2025 launch Zero Waste Project
  • Tim Benson, Chair of Powerful Thinking demystifies generator redundancy and shares advice for optimising power back up plans
  • Helen Freudenberg shares sustainability plans for a city-centre event in Birmingham set in a plant-filled super garden this September.
  • Acoustech Director, Sophia Livett, shares her experience of switching to an electric vehicle for the season
  • Julie's Bicycle launch their annual national summit 'We Make Tomorrow' 
  • Jamal Chalabi, Sustainable Tour & Production Manager joins ecolibrium as trustee
  • Join the AFO and Bakers Basco campaign to cut event catering waste
  • Selected news, jobs, events and comment from across the live events industry and beyond.

Get in touch with your questions and suggestions at info@vision2025.org.uk

Green Leader Q&A #24: Chris Johnson, Sustainability Lead at Shambala Festival

Chris has been a climate activist in the festival space for over a decade. He is co-founder and Sustainability Lead of Shambala festival, Chair of Vision: 2025 – the environmental steering group for the UK outdoor event industry, co-founding member of the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), co-founder and CEO of sustainable travel charity ecolibrium, columnist, and speaker. Read his answers to our twenty Industry Green Leader questions HERE.

In June, Zak Avery, Assistant Director, Medicine Festival took the Q&A, read his answers HERE.

Guest Blog: Circularity at Body and Soul Festival, Ireland

Since its beginning in 2010, Ireland’s Body & Soul festival has long placed sustainability at the heart of everything it does. As the only Irish festival to have signed up to the Green Deal Circular Festivals, Body & Soul plans to implement a circular festival model between by 2027. Working with sustainability partner Native Events, last month saw the festival's return to Ballinlough Castle. Co. Meath, with the introduction of several circular and sustainable initiatives. Read about their journey to becoming Ireland’s first fully circular festival HERE. 

Last month Green Hydrogen producer and distributor, PlusZero, talked about with their plans to power Scotland’s HebCelt HERE.


The Showman’s Show will host the fifth annual Vision: 2025 conference, with a new title: The Sustainable Events Summit, on Wednesday 19th October, with a free-to-access, expanded programme of talks and interactive sessions.

The Sustainable Events Summit 2022 aims to shape climate action for the UK’s outdoor event industry, bringing together event leaders, policy makers, suppliers and experts to exchange ideas and consider future standards, launch new resources, and discover innovations. Read the programme highlights and register HERE.

Vision: 2025 and Julie's Bicycle launch Zero waste Festivals Project

Vision: 2025 and Julie's Bicycle have launched a project to deepen understanding about waste management challenges and solutions at outdoor festivals, aiming to set the industry on a course to overall waste reduction, zero waste to landfill, and increased recycling rates.

The project will be steered by an industry working group. An industry roundtable takes place in July to begin the process of informing a research brief to be delivered by specialist consultancy Resource Futures. Find out more HERE.

Powerful Thinking Featured News


Tim Benson, Chair of Powerful Thinking, demystifies electrical jargon essential to understand when seeking sustainable solutions for back up power systems.

Tim suggests that event organisers have the responsibility to push back against both brands and suppliers who prefer unnecessarily oversized synchronized load-sharing generators instead of exploring battery storage solutions or more complex but efficient generator configurations. Could redefining what counts as critical to event operations be key? Overspecced generator back up might be vital for medical, police & fire HQs but perhaps now is the time to put fuel efficiency ahead of uncalled for fuel waste for brand activations or audience convenience? Read the full blog HERE. 

Photo credit: OCM events

Guest Blog: Sustainability consultant Helen Freudenberg shares polinations approach

From Bristol-based arts organisation Trigger Stuff, a plant-filled super garden is coming to Birmingham city-centre in September 2022. PoliNations will host a free programme of live music, drag shows, poetry, carnival celebrations, workshops, tours and more. But how to make a large-scale, outdoor event like this sustainable?

As Sustainability Consultant Helen Freudenberg explains, "Sustainability has been at the heart of the project since day one: From low carbon logistics and sustainable suppliers to a low impact website." Helen explains the PoliNations approach in her blog ‘An Introduction to Sustainability’ HERE.


Driving for Carbon Reduction: Acoustech Director Sophia Livett trials electric

Sophia Livett, Acoustech Director, shares her experience of switching to an electric vehicle for the season. Working alongside sister-company, Symphotech, the initiative is one of the measures taken to make their event services more sustainable.

Despite discovering the need for better infrastructure to support electric vehicles before they are suitable for a busy person in the event sector, Sophia remains an advocate, concluding that the increasing urgency to cut carbon in light of the climate emergency makes the inconvenience worth it, in addition to the financial savings on fuel! Read about her experience HERE.

Julie's Bicycle launch We Make Tomorrow

Julie's Bicycle has released tickets for their next national summit for the arts and cultural sector to come together and explore leadership and innovation in climate action and justice; We Make Tomorrow 2022, Thursday, 13 October 2022, 10am - 6.30pm in Birmingham.

This one-day summit will look at political, demographic, economic and social changes driven by our changing climate, and explore how working with shared purpose can generate social, economic and creative value that helps us all to imagine, and craft a better tomorrow. Find out more and sign up HERE.

Jamal Chalabi, Sustainable Tour & Production Manager, joins ecolibrium as trustee

Jamal Chalabi, Tour & Production Manager at Backlash Productions and Sustainability Facilitator at UK’s Tour Production Group (TPG) joins ecolibrium as trustee, July 2022, bringing his 30 years of touring and production to the charities mission to support the live event and music industry in tackling the environmental impacts of industry travel.

Jamal has worked with high profile artists spanning multiple genres: most recently with Bring Me the Horizon, Massive Attack and James Bay, supporting tour teams to consider sustainability and take positive action to reduce emissions.

He joins the eleven current ecolibrium trustees from across the industry, including Ben Robinson (From the Fields), Chris Rutherford (Boomtown), Liz Warwick (Environmental Consultant), Ed Gillespie (Greenpeace UK Board Member). Find out more about Jamal and the ecolibrium trustees HERE.

Bakers Basco & AFO Campaign to cut event catering waste

Throughout festival season, Bakers Basco and the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) are calling out to the events industry and caterers to raise awareness of misplaced bakery equipment that often ends up left behind on sites at the end of festivals and events. Abandoned or repurposed plastic breadbaskets and the wheeled dollies that transport them often end up mistakenly in landfill, impacting the environment and green credentials of the events and other industries. 

Anyone in the festival and events industry who comes across these baskets can contact the Bakers Basco team, who will arrange collections for free. Call 08000 327323 or email: enquiries@bakersbasco.co.uk. Find out more HERE.


Our selected news picks from across the Live Events Industry and beyond, including jobs, blogs, reports and what the Vision: 2025 team have been watching, listening to, and reading this month:

Here’s How the Music Industry Can Help Fight Climate Change - Guest Column by Kurt Langer, CEO at Climate Control Projects HERE

Lukas Graham tour to be powered by "green batteries" - Danish pop band has teamed up with Vestas to power their tour via batteries containing green electricity: in IQ Magazine HERE

MPs call for urgent ban on plastic pint cups: A cross-party group of more than 20 MPs has called on the government to outlaw single-use plastic pint cups in a bid to combat pollution HERE

Music Declares Emergency on the Music Ally podcast: Host Joe Sparrow speaks with Lewis Jamieson, co-founder and Director of Communications at Music Declares Emergency about music fans & the climate emergency HERE

Client Earth wins High Court ruling that the government’s Net Zero Strategy breaches the climate change act HERE

Event beverage & water innovator, Bluewater, unveils world’s largest hydration station at The Open, cutting plastic bottle use by purifying and dispensing 6,000 litres of water daily for refills HERE

Galway International Arts Festival partners with major funders and sponsors towards a more sustainable future HERE

Send jobs, events, resources and articles to feature here to: info@vision2025.org.uk