Business and Operations

Keeping our University community members informed, prepared and safe is a top priority at the University of Pittsburgh. To further this goal, we are reminding the community of the interim University-wide Closure and Class Cancellation Policy (formerly the Extreme Weather Conditions Policy). This interim policy was updated in 2019.

Any change to normal operations will be announced through the University’s Emergency Notification Service (ENS), in addition to the University website, the University’s Public Safety and Emergency Management website, Facebook, Twitter and local media outlets.

As a reminder, the updated policy:

  • Establishes a standard University-wide Closure and Class Cancellation Policy.
  • Reviews that, in instances when the University is not closed during extreme weather or natural disaster, University members—all students, faculty and staff—should use their own responsible judgment in deciding whether they can safely commute to or around campus.
  • Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of University members in the rare instances in which the University is closed.
  • Provides additional information about compensation for non-exempt and exempt employees.
  • Notes that only the chancellor can close the Pittsburgh campus. Presidents of regional campuses are authorized to make decisions on closure and class cancellations for their respective campuses.

Many staff, temporary employees and student workers have Interim Flexible Work Arrangements in place. Supervisors may, as necessary, permit employees to work additional days remotely in the case of inclement weather. For staff whose roles require them to be on campus, in the event of inclement weather that makes them unable to arrive for their scheduled shift, they should contact their supervisors or follow established departmental protocol for communicating work absences.

This policy is categorized as interim until it has undergone the full policy procedures process outlined on the Office of Policy Development and Management’s website to become permanent.

To prepare for the winter season, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to review the updated policy and to be aware of any additional weather procedures that may be implemented by their respective areas or departments to address specific needs.

For more information or questions regarding extreme weather, we encourage you to contact the Office of Human Resources by submitting an online inquiry or by contacting your area or department leader.


David N. DeJong
Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations