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Use of Controlled Drugs in Research: Updated Procedure for Background Checks of Lab Personnel

The University of Pittsburgh’s Controlled Substance Guidelines, in accordance with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations, require all lab personnel who handle any quantity of controlled substances to complete a background check process administered by the University’s Office of Human Resources.

The procedures for initiating a DEA Screening Certification recently changed.  Principal Investigators holding a DEA registration should begin the background check process for their lab personnel by downloading the DEA Screening Certification Form.

The individual being screened should complete the form, which must be signed by both that individual and the DEA registrant. The form should be submitted to Diane Bartus in Human Resources via email:

Subsequently, the employee being screened will receive a secure online background check form (from EBIinc), and after the form is processed their clearance to handle control substances will be transmitted to the DEA registrant.  This clearance must be maintained with other DEA records.

Alternately, the employee being screened may complete the backround check form in person at the Office of Human Resources located at 200 S. Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.  Prior to coming to Human Resources, an appointment must be scheduled using this form: Appointments are available on Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. — 4 p.m.

Further information about this process is provided on the DEA Screening Certification Form.

The IACUC will continue to monitor compliance with this DEA requirement during semi-annual inspections.

Please contact the IACUC Office if you have any questions at


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