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Email Design Review
Last week's #emailweekly was a bit Picasso in Outlook, sorry about that. We use this email as a place to try out new code so it may break from time to time. Think of it as a permanent beta. Anyway, here's our picks this week. Btw, we're at #TEDC14 in a couple of weeks, see you there!
5 great Animated GIF emails
Everyone loves animated GIFs, right? #suckstobeoutlook
Email Design Review
A/B Testing: Sharpening The Axe
Useful tips on what makes a successful (or unsuccessful) split test.
Colours and shapes in email design
We've picked purple this week, which screams sophistication. more so.
Doomed to Repeat It
Why do developers keep on reinventing email clients?
6 steps to coding bulletproof email templates
It's all about a good process.
Campaign Monitor
Ditching the ‘view in browser’ link
Good idea or not?
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We try out new bits of code in this email, so it may break from time to time. Think of it as a permanent beta.
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