February 2022 Newsletter

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Welcome to the latest edition of our Quarterly Newsletter, we have lots to share with you this year. As this is our second year of Newsletters, please check for any edition you might have missed here - Newsletter Archive. 

It's Official : Additive manufacturing centre now open in Cincinnati, Ohio

In a previous newsletter we mentioned our new US headquarters and we are now pleased to announce that our Additive Manufacturing centre in Cincinnati, Ohio is now open. 

Visitors to our new location will be able to view our complete line of additive manufacturing equipment including our brand new HP Jet Fusion 5200, our Mark Forged Industrial Composite and Desktop Composite printers and our Smart 3D production printers. We will also be debuting our Metal X system providing an end to end metal printing solution delivering functional metal parts next day. With this expansion Designfusion is now able to provide our full range of additive services in both the United States and Canada. Reach out to our team, we can provide all your needs from a requirement to print individual parts through to acquiring and implementing your own additive manufacturing solution.

Simcenter Series

For those of you looking for an in-depth introduction to simulation, check out our recently published Start to Simulate - Simcenter series.  This is a 5 part course that will take you from design considerations through to analysis set up and solving.


We will also be sharing our yearly Solid Edge Bakers Dozen Tips and Tricks very soon.

NEW Online Training Courses

Over the last quarter, we have released 3 courses designed to introduce previous Solid Edge updates.

What's New in Solid Edge 2019
Part 1: General and Part Enhancements

Part 2: Sheet Metal and Assembly

Part 3: Draft and Miscellaneous

Part 4: Next Generation Modeling Enhancements

What's New in Solid Edge 2020
Part 1: General, Sketch and Sheet Metal Enhancements

Part 2: Part and Next Generation Enhancements

Part 3: Assembly and Draft Enhancements

Part 4: Miscellaneous Enhancements

What's New in Solid Edge 2021
Part 1: General and Sketch Enhancements

Part 2: Part and Sheet Metal Enhancements

Part 3: Assembly Enhancements‍

Part 4: Draft Environment
Part 5: Miscellaneous Enhancements

Coming Soon: What's New in Solid Edge 2022

Check out our library of online training, we continue to add classes on a weekly and monthly basis. 

As always, Designfusion is here to help you maximize your productivity, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

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