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Are you up for Phase 2!

Dear all

I hope you have had a nice rest after March 15th. Because we will be working together for the next two years on sub>urban. Reinventing the fringe! That deserves a Woohoo! If you don't believe it, read all about it on Urbact website.

In our Application Phase 2 we have defined quite an ambitious actionplan. So no time to waste and get ready to get into a planning mode. We will already bring you up to speed with some action points we want to get started with before the big summer break. 

Hope to see you soon. 

Warmest regards

Isabelle, Isabel, Maarten and Michael


Up to speed
Feedback on Application Phase 2
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Application Phase 2 is the main guide through the next two years. Our ambitions, goals and targets are defined in this document. Our plan has also been reviewed by a jury of experts. Based on their critical assessment, we will adjust the documents in the upcoming month. The final document will be presented in the first transnational meeting.


  • Strength: a relevant topic. We address an important issue on the European urban agenda.
  • Weakness: the concept of urban fringe and expected results need to be defined more clearly. 

We will work on this feedback in the upcoming month.

What changed since our last newsletter?
  • A new e-mailaddress to reach team Antwerp: If you want a quick answer always state in the subject line of your email if you have a question on organisation, communication, finance or local action plan.
  • A new space on Google Drive: Phase 2 sub>urban
  • Our Graphic Charter including all templates and logos. Read this carefully if you have any questions, please let us know. 
  • A shareable version of the Baseline study is now online. Do not hesitate to spread this to your network and your National URBACT contactpoint. 
Who are our main contact points?

We welcome two new members to our network: Gordan Cengic in Antwerp and Paul Grohmann as substitute for Kerstin Pluch.

  • Antwerp: Lead Partner: Isabelle Verhaert
  • NEW: Antwerp: Local coordinator: Gordan Cengic
  • Barcelona:Joan Caba
  • Oslo:Kristine Viste Eriksen
  • Solin: Marijana Zizic
  • Baia Mare: Edmund Futo
  • NEW: Vienna: Paul Grohmann
  • Düsseldorf: Elisabeth Bach
  • Casoria: Salvatore Napolitane
  • Brno: Martina Pacasova


What's next on the calendar?

We are already preparing for some events to promote our network sub>urban. Reinventing the fringe. 

May 26

The Flexible City. Sustainable solutions for the urban fringe. 

Location: Amsterdam, Pakhuis De Zwijger

More info

May 19 - 20 

Paris meeting with all URBACT III Networks

You will receive feedback on the 1th transnational meeting.

Who? Isabelle Verhaert and Maarten Van Tuijl

June 16 - 17

Paris meeting for all URBACT III communication officers

You will receive feedback on the 1th transnational meeting.

Who? Isabel Michielsen

June 29 - July 1 (noon)

First meeting of sub>urban in Phase 2

Location? Antwerp, (2,5 days)

Topic: Transforming Planning

August 24 - 26

URBACT Summer University (USU)

Location? Rotterdam


Preparations for First meeting in Antwerp

As you can read in the calendar section we want to meet up again before the summer break. Since elections are organised in Casoria, the first stop will be in Antwerp.

In the budget of phase 2 we have estimated budget for four people from each city to join the transnational thematic workshops. Each city has a different distribution of budget for staff members or non-staff members. Since this is the first meeting, it is possible to deviate from this staff/non-staff division, but make sure to compensate this on following meetings. Please send as soon as possible a list of attendees with their name, diet, arrival and departure hours to

We start 29 June at 9 am and finish 1 July at noon.

To prepare?

A programme and more detailled information will follow shortly. What you can already start to prepare:

  • Your workplan for your local action plan (get inspired)
  • The results you want to achieve in the following 2 years

If you wander where to start? Read more in The State of the Art and the Application Phase 2.

You will receive more information about the format of this preparations shortly.