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Outsider Art Fair Under New Ownership - Previews January 31 2013

The Outsider Art Fair - under new ownership and at a new location in New York, previews on Thursday January 31. The Fair will then be open on Friday until Sunday.

New owner Andrew Edlin formed Wide Open Arts to purchase the Fair and feels that the move of location to Chelsea will ‘place the Outsider Art Fair in the middle of the mainstream contemporary art world.'

Quality galleries such as St Etienne, Carl Hammer and Ricco Maresca will be returning this year. A vetting committee has also been established consisting of Shari Cavin, Andrew Edlin, Carl Hammer, Jane Kallir, Frank Maresca and Randall Morris.

METRO SHOW opens January 23 2013

The Metro Show opens its second edition in New York on Wednesday January 23 (preview), with the Show open from Thursday January 24 through Sunday January 27. Dealers represented will be offering a range of works, from Americana, Tribal and Folk to Outsider and Self-Taught. Galleries will include Ames Gallery, Carl Hammer, Giampietro, Cavin Morris and Ricco Maresca.

A reminder that Raw Vision Issue 77 is out now! This issue features:

The collage drawings of Bruce New.

A reassessment of the work of Martin Ramírez.

The strange kid leather gloves of Ellen Greene.

Stephanie Lucas' fantastical works.

John Devlin's utopian academic world.

Creative expressions found in Houston, Texas.

The dream machines of Ian Ward.

Plus reviews of exhibitions and books and news of outsider events and exhibitions around the world.

Click here for a page-turning preview!

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