Office of Human Resources

Dear Colleagues,

As the COVID-19 Medical Response Office (CMRO) announced earlier today, testing will be increased for students as they travel back to campus and a shelter-in-place period begins on all campuses on Saturday, Jan. 8. Even though our community vaccination rate is high, our buildings are safe and clean, and our masking policy has helped to keep our community healthy, the University is proceeding with an abundance of caution for our return in the new year.

For staff, we anticipate that the spring term will look very similar to the fall term:

  • Staff will continue to operate with hybrid work continuing for those working under flexible work arrangements, and in-person work continuing otherwise. Staff that need to start or edit a Flexible Work Arrangement should work with their supervisors.
  • Campuses will continue to operate as they did in the fall helping to ensure the safety of the Pitt community by remaining closed to the public, continuing our masking requirements, and maintaining our building safety protocols.

Supervisors should remain flexible to assist those who may be impacted by closure of schools, childcare centers, or temporary stoppage of other important functions in our communities.

As a reminder, please continue your remarkable effort in keeping our community safe and healthy by getting vaccine boosters, obtaining flu shots, and maintaining good hygiene including washing hands and wearing face coverings.

We remain steadfast in our fight against this tiresome pandemic, and together we continue to be strong, resilient, and effective in keeping our community safe and healthy.

If you have questions or concerns, please submit your inquiry online.

Thank you for your cooperation, support, and patience.


James Gallaher
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources