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All About the Fans: Innovative Methods for Reducing the Footprint of Fan Transportation and Tailgating

Wednesday, March 25th
10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT

Research has shown that fan transportation accounts for the lion’s share of carbon emissions associated with large sports events—over 70% on average. It is also the aspect of hosting sports events in which operators have the least control, as teams and venues cannot mandate how fans come and go, and they must operate within the infrastructure that already exists.

However, there are many actions teams, venues, and events can take that encourage and enable fans to get to and from the game in lower-impact ways, such as walking or biking, using public transit, or driving an EV. There are also methods available to reduce the impacts of the time-honored American tradition of tailgating.

On this webinar, we will hear about an in-venue application that eases the uncertainly and anxiety sometimes associated with the transit option, and then we will learn more about the Certification for Sustainable Transportation, which offers education and certification for ‘Eco-Driving’ and the establishment of Anti-Idling Zones. We hope you can join us!


1. Scott Jenkins | General Manager, New Atlanta Stadium & Chairman, Green Sports Alliance: Welcoming remarks and presenter introductions.

2. Scott Kolber | CEO, Roadify @ Barclays Center

3. David Kestenbaum | Director, Certification for Sustainable Transportation (CST)

5. Discussion/Q&A

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Webinar Follow-Up: Maximizing Efficiency: New Tools and Strategies to Eliminate Wasted Energy

We hope you were able to attend our webinar on January 25th, Maximizing Efficiency: New Tools and Strategies to Eliminate Wasted Energy. Alliance members, please contact Natalie Nishitani at for access to the recording of this webinar.

The Alliance thanks Ryan Hummel, Cardie Saunders, Al Hutchings, Andrea Curry, and Paul LaCaruba for their excellent presentations. As always, we'd like to hear more about your successes, challenges and questions around energy efficiency, and any novel programs you’ve pursued or innovations you’ve discovered. Please share them with us! We're happy to share your success stories with our members and through our various communication channels.

Please follow the links below for more information about the organizations the panelists represent.

Philadelphia Eagles


Vancouver Canucks

SHIFT Energy Inc.

National Hockey League

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