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Year-End Financial Tips: Market Fluctuations, College Savings and Estate Planning

Each year, the period between Labor Day and New Year's Day can feel like a full-on sprint. And I’m not just talking about how quickly the seasonal aisles turn over from one holiday to the next. From the headlines to the deadlines, this time of year can feel like a whirlwind.

At Claris, we're here to help you stay educated and informed on matters of importance to your financial life. In this quarter's newsletter, we look at the value of staying the course with our financial plans, simplifying the sometimes complex landscape of college savings, and a fascinating conversation about the definition of work, especially in a post-retirement landscape. Check out those pieces and so much more below.

Volatility: You Trained for This

When market ups and downs have you worried about your long-term financial goals, remember—you’ve trained for this!

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Pandemic Pivots: Now What?

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that life-altering occasions have the potential to uproot even the firmest of financial plans. Why? Because reminders of what’s most important to us can and should trigger reevaluation of our plans for the future.

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College Savings Decision Tree

Feeling overwhelmed by your college savings choices? It’s no wonder—there are myriad options, and which ones are a good fit will depend on your specific circumstances. If you’re in the process of deciding on an education savings path, let this decision tree help guide you!

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When it Comes to Estate Taxes, Are You a Smaller, Baller or an Aller?

With changes to the estate tax landscape potentially on the horizon, it's natural to wonder how to make the most of current law and prepare for what could be ahead.

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