Office of Human Resources

Dear Pitt colleagues,

Your work as a Pitt employee is vital to our entire University community and the mission we all serve. Pitt is committed to supporting you in your work and your home life. Unexpected events such as natural disasters and other personal tragedies can cause significant hardship, including financial stress. 

That’s why I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Employee Emergency Fund, a new program created to help support employees experiencing an immediate and substantial financial need. Eligible Pitt employees* from all campuses may apply for financial assistance of up to $1,500.

Details on eligibility and information on how to apply can be found online.

Initial funding for the program comes from a venture of the Senior Vice Chancellor of Business and Operations, Staff Council, the Division of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, the Office of Human Resources, University Senate and the Postdoctoral Association.

The campus community is invited to support Pitt colleagues by making a donation to further the fund’s goal of becoming self-sustaining. Gifts can be made online through PittGiving.

* Union-eligible employees should check their collective bargaining agreement for eligibility.

Kind regards,

James W. Gallaher Jr.
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources