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August news bulletin

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) has led to some significant changes in the education landscape and many Learn Local providers have had to rethink the way they deliver their training programs.

Technology has supported many Learn Local providers to move some of their learning programs online.

There are many tools available to support online delivery – this issue we are looking at the web conferencing tool Zoom and we have a chat with Rowville Neighbourhood Learning Centre about online learning.


Face-to-face alternatives

Zoom is a virtual meeting room and web conferencing platform that can be used to bring learners and practitioners together online to communicate and collaborate.

Zoom offers a free version. However, more features are available through a subscription.

Learn more about Zoom.

Adapting to online learning

Rowville Neighbourhood Learning Centre may be physically closed but it's virtually open. Nikki from RNLC shares their experiences.

How is RNLC adapting to the restrictions in place due to COVID19?

We have now adapted a number of our program for online delivery.

[Ed: Check out RNLC's course guide here].

How is this working for you?

It's early days, but the feedback has been positive so far.

What technology are you using?

We are using Zoom meetings, and are finding it a great tool. We provided training specifically for our trainers who were willing to jump on board. We supported another neighbourhood house by offering Zoom training for their staff as well.

How are your learners coping?

Because our trainers have completed Zoom training, they are able to assist learners who may be having difficulties. We also offer phone support to anyone who needs assistance.

RNLC has also introduced online enrolments and payments for non-contact enrolments.