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Welcome to the India newsletter

In this month's newsletter: learn about the Certified Actuarial Analyst; see feedback from the last International survery; help the IFoA by volunteering; and learn about the International Actuarial Careers Network (IACN).

Contents: Welcome from the Chief Executive  |  Certified Actuarial Analyst has launched!  |  Feedback Group for India – Survey Results  |  Volunteering for the IFoA  |  Career profile of Anirudh Bansal  |  International Actuarial Careers Network - IACN  | 
  Chief Executive
Welcome from the Chief Executive

As our international presence continues to develop, we want to be able to reach you in a more personal way so that you get a feel for the sort of things we are doing to help build the international membership community.


In the last few days we have launched the education material for the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA). You can read more about this in the newsletter and on our webpages. This year the Presidential and Executive staff have been busy with two trips to India in January and February. The trips have been a huge success with many employers and members meeting us and discussing the work the IFoA does and how we can improve our service to our members, alongside how to implement the CAA.


We encourage you to spend some time understanding how you can get involved in the work that the IFoA do - through volunteering, participating in local overseas communities or by giving us some feedback on our presence internationally by emailing us.


Best wishes


Derek Cribb

Chief Executive, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Chief Executive  
Certified Actuarial Analyst has launched!

We have launched the IFoA’s Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) membership qualification via our website.


The CAA will professionalise the growing number of technical and analytical roles in companies employing actuaries.  It is expected to take two to three years on average for students to pass the CAA examinations, compared to an average of seven years to become a fully qualified actuary.  The CAA will represent high academic standards, with continuous professional development (CPD) requirements and a robust regulatory approach that will offer comfort to employers, regulators and the public alike. 


You can find information about exams, syllabuses and key dates and contacts on the CAA webpages.


To discuss how your company can benefit from the CAA, please contact robert.jelly@actuaries.org.uk, or email caa@actuaries.org.uk to join our mailing list and receive up to date information about the CAA.

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Feedback Group for India – Survey Results

As part of our international strategy of proactive engagement the IFoA aims to offer excellent support that meets members' varied and evolving needs.  In pursuit of this drive for excellence, we sought the views of our members based in India via a previous survey.  We also sent this to the members of our International Feedback Group for India.  The results of this online survey  help us track our progress and provide more comprehensive support to our members based in India.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate.  You can view the survey results here - please login to view the report. 

This survey results are available only to members.  The content contained of the report is commercially sensitive and should not be shared with a wider audience.


Volunteering for the IFoA

Please consider getting involved in supporting the IFoA by volunteering.  Details of opportunities available primarily for members of the IFoA can be seen on the Volunteer vacancies web page. These include:


• Become a member of the 400 Club
• Join the Digital Volunteer Group
• Partake in the International Feedback Group for India
• Become a Career Ambassador
• Join the General Insurance: GIRO Periodical Payments Working Party.

For details of these and other opportunities, visit the Volunteer Vacancies webpage, or speak to Debbie Atkins.  When visiting the volunteer vacancies webpage, please also sign up to the RSS feed to ensure you are kept up to date as new opportunities arise.

Chief Executive  
Career profile of Anirudh Bansal

Anirudh talks to the IFoA about becoming an actuary, the benefits and challenges of an actuarial career and what he would like to achieve in the future.


"I had first heard about Actuarial Science in 2007 when I was pursuing my graduation from SRCC, Delhi University, India.


At that time, I was really intrigued by the fact that there were only 200 actuaries in India and was really curious to know the reason behind this. Also, what motivated me at that time to become an actuary was the vast knowledge that I could gain.


The other big attraction of pursuing this career was the good work-life balance, study support for student actuaries from employers, and the respect that qualified actuaries command in finance, especially in the insurance industry, which is second to none."


You can read more from Anirudh's profile here.

  Chief Executive
International Actuarial Careers Network - IACN

The IACN is an global network of students who belong to an online community hosted on the IFoA website


Students are able to join together to discuss industry topics, network with students and employers and find out firsthand what employers and the industry want from them.


It is an opportunity to join like minded people to raise your profile within the actuarial profession and with employers to help you gain relevant industry knowledge and help you in your job search.


If you are interested in joining this online network, you will need to register using the registration form. If you would like to speak to someone regarding the IACN you can contact Jenni Hughes for more details.

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