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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 2. 2022

In this Issue

Nutritional Rehab Unit update
Regular treatment for mothers
Call for more child sponsors
Disability Rehab Unit - update from Janie
New babies
Resettled children
Animals & crops
Please pray for us

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Nutritional Rehab Unit update

The Nutritional Rehab Unit staff have been continuing their community outreach programme. The nurse in charge of nutrition has been undertaking follow up assessments on children who have previously been treated in the PV Medical Centre.

Since the time of COVID restrictions, Nurse Emmanuel has not been able to carry out the community sensitisation programme. These trips often include educational talks and giving out leaflets on nutritional education. However, since we no longer have any COVID infections, the community is now safe and community sensitisations have resumed.

Pictured is Emmanuel measuring a child’s upper arm which is a standard basic assessment of weight. Many of these types of assessment are easy and cost little to carry out and yet the community visits are so important to pick up on children with malnutrition and educate families

Regular treatment for mothers

Regular treatment for mothers with mental health issues has been going on a monthly basis. At the moment we have four mothers who are still being followed up.

The treatment of two mothers has been stopped because their condition has improved and they are now stable.

Call for more child sponsors

The last six months, Potter's Village has seen a huge increase in children in to the Child Crisis Centre, either abandoned or needing help on the death of their Mother.  The staff at Potter's Village are unsure why these admissions have increased so much, but they believe, it could well be due to the pandemic and the lifting of lockdowns and movement of people.

This increase has meant that Administrator Idah has had to open another babies room to cope with numbers and of course and increase of staff and equipment.

We are always in need of more child sponsors, who are so valuable in supporting children more long term over months and years.  If you know anybody who would be interested in becoming a PV child sponsors, please pass this on or to find out more click on this link below to be directed to our website - click on the video called Child Sponsorship.

To print of a sponsorship form - click here

With thanks to all our child sponsors and regular donors - you are amazing!

Disability Rehab Unit - update from Janie

We were delighted that Anna has joined us as our second rehab assistant replacing Judith. Anna is married with four children, is a trained nursery teacher and lives very locally. She is already using her teaching skills in helping some of our older children with disabilities, who cannot access school, by teaching them pre school skills of sorting, matching and writing.

I have started training Anna and Keti how to assess children with disabilities and we are currently working on treatment principles of treating children with cerebral palsy.

The rehab centre continues to be busy seeing between 60-70 review children and 5-8 new children every month. We have seen over 200 disabled children since we started in November 2019.

We have been helping in the crisis centre by assessing the development of the babies at the ages of 3, 6, 9, 12,15 mths. It is well documented that "looked after" children can become delayed in their development and hence our regular assessments help to detect the delays early and to provide stimulation and play to help address the delay.

We are also training the carers in an 8 week programme that includes stimulation and play with the babies. We have restarted the group session of action songs and play outside in the sunshine.

Our biggest need is for a Ugandan physiotherapist to join our team. Please will join us in praying that God will provide the right person very soon!

New babies

Another busy few months in the Crisis Centre.

Happy was born in October but came to Potter’s Village a month later as her mother was receiving treatment for breast cancer in Mbarara hospital, far from home. Sadly, Happy’s mother died in February so Happy will stay at Potter’s Village until the family are ready to care for her.

Mackline was born to a teenage mother with severe learning difficulties. Mackline will stay at Potter’s Village until she is weaned and will then be resettled with her grandmother.

Samson was born in November and came to Potter’s Village in February after his mother became mentally sick.

Patience arrived when 6 weeks old after her mother died from heart failure.

Baker, Prudence, Bright, Joshua, and Joy were brought to Potter’s Village because their mothers all died around the time of birth. This, sadly, remains the reason most babies are admitted to Potter’s Village.

Resettled children

Thankfully, we’ve been able to resettle a few children back into the community.

Joseph went to live with a foster family, whilst Paul, Grace and Stuart have all been resettled with family members.






Animals & crops

The animals are growing well and are very healthy. We currently have 5 adult pigs and 8 piglets.

We have 2 adult cows and the young calf ‘Daisy’. One of the cows is being milked and gives us averagely 6 litres of milk daily which supplements on the milk we give to the resident babies. We expect the second cow to give birth in October.

Crops are growing well. We have enough vegetables to feed the children and some excess to sell. We are very proud of this work, all of which helps Potter's Village become more self-sufficent.

Please pray for us

We thank God

  • For the Nutritional Unit and that it can help children and communities in need
  • For Dr Nicci and that she has returned to Potter's Village.  Pray for her as she re-settles back into life and work in Kisoro. 
  • For the Child sponsors making such a huge difference to children's lives
  • For the Rehab Centre and its work
  • The animals and crops at PV and how they help nourish the children and support the project
  • The commitment of the PV staff to their work.
  • For all those supporters across the world praying and giving to this work.

Please pray

  • For the children re-settled in the community that they may be cared for and thrive.
  • For all staff, whatever their roll that they feel valued and show compassion to all those needing the support of Potter’s Village
  • For the children recently admitted to PV, that they may feel loved despite such a difficult start to life.
  • For Idah (Administrator) and Board of Governors as they manage Potter’s Village
  • Friends of Potter’s Village, that they will continue to have sufficient income and for good stewardship of donated funds.
  • Please pray we find more child sponsors to help PV support those families in need
  • That we find a Ugandan physiotherapist and funding to support them in their work