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I was about 8 when a friend’s family took me camping on the northern shore of Lake Superior in Canada. We were 60 miles or so from the nearest town, and I still remember the brilliance of the Milky Way from that isolated shoreline. The captivating sight has haunted me since, because I never experienced anything like it again.

But some people are more intentional in seeking out dark-sky experiences. In one of our editors’ picks last week, Vahe Peroomian, a professor of physics and astronomy at USC Dornsife, describes his own adventures in “astro-tourism” and offers some practical tips for planning a trip to see not only the Milky Way but other delights of the night sky, like eclipses and meteor showers.

Later this week we’ll bring you stories about the few mosquito repellents that actually work, global lithium bottlenecks and affirmative action in Brazil.

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Readers' picks

Whole foods like unprocessed fruits, vegetables and grains are typically high in fiber. Tanja Ivanova/Moment via Getty Images

Fiber is your body’s natural guide to weight management – rather than cutting carbs out of your diet, eat them in their original fiber packaging instead

Christopher Damman, University of Washington

Many processed foods strip carbs of their natural fibers. Eating foods with an ideal total carbohydrate-to-fiber ratio can help with weight management and improve overall health.

Editors' picks

In 2024, much of the eastern United States will fall in the path of a total solar eclipse, like the one pictured. Diane Miller/The Image Bank via Getty images

Astro-tourism – chasing eclipses, meteor showers and elusive dark skies from Earth

Vahe Peroomian, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

With two eclipses and several meteor showers coming up, an astronomy professor shares travel tips for viewing astronomical phenomena.

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