What happens in American politics has deep implications for the rest of the world, and looking at foreign media coverage of the race – especially in places that have strict state control of media like China, Russia and Iran – can give you a pretty good idea of what different countries think about the candidates.

A team of researchers tracked over 20 prominent news outlets in China, Russia and Iran, using algorithms to identify key narrative themes in the coverage. They did the same exercise in 2016. Back then, Trump was an unknown, and some foreign media were bullish on the former reality TV star.

Now? Those same state-run media outlets have started to change their tune.

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Chinese outlets that once relayed cautious optimism over Donald Trump’s deal-making abilities now express exasperation over his chaotic style. Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

Russian media may be joining China and Iran in turning on Trump

Robert Hinck, Monmouth College; Robert Utterback, Monmouth College; Skye Cooley, Oklahoma State University

In 2016, America's adversaries seemed to cheer electoral chaos and a withering faith in democracy. Now they seem to be hoping democracy can topple a leader they've grown loathe to deal with.

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  • Proposed student visa policy could hinder US competitiveness

    David L. Di Maria, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    An effort by the Trump administration to put stricter limits on students and scholars from certain countries may cost a lot and accomplish little, an international education expert argues.

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  • Restoring seagrasses can bring coastal bays back to life

    Robert J. Orth, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Jonathan Lefcheck, Smithsonian Institution; Karen McGlathery, University of Virginia

    Healthy seagrasses form underwater meadows teeming with fish and shellfish. A successful large-scale restoration project in Virginia could become a model for reseeding damaged seagrass beds worldwide.

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