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On Monday it was reported that Russia had urgently moved nuclear munitions from a facility in the Belgorod region, close to its border with Ukraine. This news was accompanied by reports of fighting in villages in the region, apparently involving two pro-Ukraine Russian units.

Geolocational data accessed by influential US military think-tank, the Institute for the Study of War, suggests that the fighters captured two villages inside Russia, but in a fast-moving conflict marked by misinformation and propaganda on both sides, the real picture has yet to fully emerge.

Gavin Hall, an expert in international security from the University of Strathclyde, has pieced together this report from available sources and offers his expert analysis. He says if these sources are correct, this could represent a significant escalation of the war.

Meanwhile, the UK may be forecast to escape a recession but, with little hope for economic growth, the picture remains bleak for many. The “degrowth” movement claims to offer a way to avoid constantly consuming more of Earth’s resources while providing a secure standard of living for many more people. Here’s why this idea isn’t just the same as a recession.

Plus what do the experts make of the killer whales that have been attacking boats off the Iberian coast?

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Jonathan Este

Associate Editor, International Affairs Editor

First reports: an image taken from a video purporting to be a damaged building in the Belgorod region, Russia, Monday, May 22, 2023. Associated Press/Alamy Stock Photo

Ukraine war: what we know so far about reports of battles being fought across the border in Russia

Gavin E L Hall, University of Strathclyde

Early reports suggest pro-Kyiv and anti-Putin partisans have launched significant attacks on Russian soil.

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