As I write, we still don’t know whether the Labor Party will govern in majority or minority – late on election night there were still many close seats still to be decided. But we do know the Morrison government has been handed a decisive defeat. As Adrian Beaumont explains, the result was a repudiation of both major parties, as voters embraced the Greens and independent candidates.

While the Greens had a particularly strong showing in Queensland, the Liberal Party has been decimated in Victoria and Western Australia, losing seats not just to Labor but also to independents. Many moderate Liberals have lost their seats, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg likely to be among them.

This means Anthony Albanese becomes the next prime minister of Australia, and while his small-target strategy has been criticised in some quarters, Frank Bongiorno says the times may well suit him, with Albanese likely to be a consensus leader who deals well with the crossbench.

And what of the Liberals? The loss will no doubt trigger much soul-searching, writes Marija Taflaga, and with Scott Morrison standing down as leader and the loss of so many moderates, it will herald a seismic realignment of power within the party.

Amanda Dunn

Section Editor: Politics + Society

Scott Morrison defeated – Labor to govern in minority or majority

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

The Morrison government has been resoundingly defeated, with Labor headed for office, although whether in a minority or majority was unclear late Saturday night.

Labor to form government as both major parties’ primary votes slump

Adrian Beaumont, The University of Melbourne

If Labor wins majority government, it can thank Western Australia, which turned away from the Coalition savagely.

Albanese wins with a modest policy program – but the times may well suit him

Frank Bongiorno, Australian National University

He is only the fifth Labor leader to win government from opposition since the first world war, and there’s every indication he will be a consensus prime minister.

A narrow Labor win and a ‘teal bath’: all the facts and figures on the 2022 election

Wes Mountain, The Conversation; Amanda Dunn, The Conversation; Liam Petterson, The Conversation

Explore the seats that changed hands, the make-up of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the two party preferred vote in our 2022 federal election at-a-glance graphic.

He’s Australia’s 31st prime minister. So who is Anthony Albanese?

Paul Strangio, Monash University

Unlike many politicians, Albanese does not appear to harbour a sense of entitlement to the top job - and his journey there has been a long one.

What now for the Liberal Party? A radical shift and a lot of soul-searching

Marija Taflaga, Australian National University

The loss of so many from the moderate wing could radically shift the balance of power internally within the Liberal Party and its position within the Australian party system.

‘I don’t think, I know’: how 5 words from the French president triggered a ruinous run on Morrison’s character

Denis Muller, The University of Melbourne

It all started to unravel for the prime minister when the French president accused him of lying to him.

The big teal steal: independent candidates rock the Liberal vote

Amy Nethery, Deakin University

Australian politics will never be the same after the stunning success of teal candidates at the 2022 federal election.

Is this the end of the two-party system in Australia? The Greens, teals and others shock the major parties

Susan Harris Rimmer, Griffith University

It’s projected over one-third of voters chose not to vote for the major parties.


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