One school district after another is announcing plans to resume virtual instruction as the new school year gets underway. To help kids’ social skills, parents should try to boost and preserve their child’s ability to pay attention to other people, explains psychologist Elizabeth Englander. Many of the activities she suggests to accomplish this require spending time unplugged. Gathering everyone around the dinner table, getting children to play outside and having them rely on the mail to get to know a new pen pal can all make a difference.

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    Too much time screen time can lead to lower self-esteem. SDI Productions/E+ via Getty Images

    3 ways to promote social skills in homebound kids

    Elizabeth Englander, Bridgewater State University

    It's worth going out of your way to ensure that kids practice interacting with others and maintain their friendships.

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    • Video: Who controls pandemic data?

      Julia Lane, New York University

      A White House decision to take over collection of COVID-19 data from the CDC sparked worries over political interference. A public data expert talks about the importance of transparent public data.

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