When David Bennett Sr. received a pig heart transplant, it was the first surgery of its kind. Xenotransplantation is when tissues or organs are transplanted from a nonhuman species into a human. Bennett’s extraordinary operation, while the first of its kind, is the most recent example.

Today, in The Conversation Canada, Françoise Baylis and Andrew Fenton of Dalhousie University write about how we assign moral value to the animals that serve as organ and tissue donors. The first heart xenotransplantations used chimpanzee and baboon hearts. Pigs, who we view as food animals, may have a different moral value as we are used to viewing them as fit for human consumption. While xenotransplantation is considered a potential solution to the organ shortage, Baylis and Fenton write that “there is good reason to look for other strategies to increase the supply of organs for transplantation.”

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Nehal El-Hadi

Science + Technology Editor

Cross-species transplants require us to examine the relationships between humans and animals. (Shutterstock)

Pig-human transplants may be a misguided attempt to address the organ shortage

Françoise Baylis, Dalhousie University; Andrew Fenton, Dalhousie University

The heart used in the first pig-human transplant was infected with a pig virus. This reveals that using other species as organ donors may not provide a solution for organ shortages.

The Canadian charity sector has significant social impact and is committed to providing unwavering support to every aspect of people’s lives. (Shutterstock)

Federal budget delivers long-overdue policy changes for Canada’s charities

Iryna Khovrenkov, University of Regina

The 2022 federal budget implements long needed regulations to support the charitable sector.

People take part in the annual Gay Pride Parade, under the protection of riot police in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Sept. 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Other frontlines: How the war in Ukraine is transforming the LGBTQ+ rights landscape in Europe

Aydan Greatrick, UCL; Tyler Valiquette, UCL; Yvonne Su, York University, Canada

While it is tempting to view the war in Ukraine as a metaphor for some larger struggle between a tolerant West and an intolerant East, the reality is inevitably far more complex.

Schools helped connect immigrant children to grandparents and families overseas. (Shutterstock)

How heritage language schools offered grassroots community support through the pandemic

Nina Paulovicova, Athabasca University; Marta McCabe, Duke University; Renata Emilsson Peskova, University of Iceland

A study of 25 heritage language schools in Edmonton shows how schools met the needs of migrant and front-line workers, resisted racism and built community for immigrants.

We are going to see more and more writing about incels as some continue to commit acts of violent misogyny. But how people write about them matters. (Shutterstock)

We need to pay better attention to the ways people talk about incels

Luc Cousineau, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Giving incel ideology too much time and energy ends up perpetuating it, instead of stopping it.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks at a campaign event in Pickering, Ont., on May 5, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

What Doug Ford’s shift to the centre says about the longevity of populism

Sam Routley, Western University

The Ontario Progressive Conservative party’s 2022 platform now bases its appeal in the claim that it can effectively get results and most competently manage the affairs of the province.

La Conversation Canada

Des personnes marquent le Jour de la Terre par une marche, le 22 avril 2022, à Montréal. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Ryan Remiorz

Rapports du GIEC : il faut cesser de réchauffer la planète

Eddy Pérez, Université de Montréal

Le dernier rapport du GIEC dresse un portrait des solutions visant à freiner le changement climatique. Cela exige une transformation des systèmes politiques, économiques et sociaux qui nous gouvernent.

La profession comptable est l'une des professions les plus touchées par les nouvelles technologies et la transformation numérique. Shutterstock

Quel regard portent les étudiants en comptabilité sur la transformation numérique ?

Mouna Hazgui, HEC Montréal; Simon Dermarkar, HEC Montréal

Les étudiants en comptabilité se questionnent sur la pertinence de leur formation universitaire actuelle et sur l’avenir de leur carrière professionnelle dans un contexte de transformation numérique.

Ukraine Invasion

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