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MAKE Newsletter

January 15, 2013

We've always thought of MAKE as being as much a community as a media enterprise. Our magazine, website, Maker Faires — none of them would exist without you, the makers we feature and celebrate. We're always trying to think of creative ways of engaging the maker community, both on the local level and online. One of our new tools for this is our MAKE International Meetups. Our first one, on 3D printing, was a smashing success. Our next Meetup, exploring the wildly popular Raspberry Pi computer, is this Thursday (Jan. 17, 6pm PST, 9pm EST). We hope you can make it, either at a meeting in your area, or on our Google+ Hangout On Air. We also hope you'll check out and join our new Make: Forum on G+, a place to share your projects, ask/answer questions, and hang out with fellow makers. We're excited by the community-building potential for both of these platforms. Please help us build something cool, and useful.

-Gareth Branwyn, Editorial Director


Star Wars 20,000 Lego Brick Barrel Organ

Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners

Arm Tattoo of Resistor Code Colors

Working Giant NES Controller

Interns Corner: 3D-Printable Maker Faire Robot

Are you a die-hard MAKE fan with an urge to 3D-print robot figurines? If so, this 3D-printable Maker Faire robot is for you!

Best of MAKE 2012:

2012 was a banner year for making. So many fantastic things crossed our path that we created end-of-the-year collections to celebrate the ones we especially loved. Our favorite 2012 projects, all in one spot! [Pictured above: BeetBox, one of Matt Richardson's picks for best Raspberry Pi projects of 2012.]

DiResta Workshop Builds

Before and after photos of a project are all well and good, but the build process is really the most interesting bit. In our DiResta video series, Jimmy DiResta demonstrates entire builds, condensed into tight, bite-sized videos. Check them out! [Pictured above: DiResta transforms a rusty old hatchet into a handsome showpiece tool.]

MAKE Goes to CES

CES is a massive consumer electronics show that happened last week in Las Vegas. We had boots on the ground to cover stuff that makers are interested in, like 3D printers, hackable gadgets, and cool tools. Take a look at the neat stuff we uncovered! [Pictured above: Leap Motion, a motion-sensing human input device for computers.]

MAKE Volume 33 is Here!

MAKE Volume 33 features projects for makers of all skill levels — Arduino projects, food, music, personal fabrication, electronics, and more. On the cover? Meet the fascinating maniacs — er, makers, behind the popular Power Wheels Racing events at Maker Faire. On newsstands Jan. 22.

Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

We're not surprised that our 3D printing guide, the first of its kind, is flying off the shelves, but we're certainly delighted to see it happening. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, what are you waiting for? We even have a deal to get it free with a year subscription to MAKE. Or you can buy it, print or PDF, in the Maker Shed.