DHB Nursing Pay Equity Settlement Poll

Kia ora employee,

As DHB employees covered by the Nursing Pay Equity claim have previously been advised, NZNO and PSA are seeking a fresh directive from affected employees to determine what our next steps should be.

NZNO and PSA ran a series of online meetings over the past two weeks to allow employees to find out more about this matter.  Information has also been provided in previous updates and on our website (which you can find here).

This weekend, current DHB employees covered by the DHB Nursing Pay Equity Settlement will receive a link to a poll which contains two options. This poll will determine what our collective next steps will be.

Due to limitations on the number of emails that can be sent in one day from the polling platform we're using, half of all employees will receive a poll invitation on Saturday afternoon, and half will receive an invitation by close of business on Monday 1 May.  The poll will run through to Monday 9 May 2022.  The outcome will be determined by 50 per cent plus 1 of poll respondents. 

What to do if you have not received a poll invitation by Monday May 2 at 5pm:

  • As with other communications about the Pay Equity Settlement, the email is being sent to an email list provided by DHB employers.  This may not be the email that you usually receive emails from NZNO on.  Please check possible alternative email addresses.
  • Please check spam and junk folders.  The email subject line will be “DHB Nursing Pay Equity Settlement Poll” and the sender will be campaigns@nzno.org.nz.
  • If you still have not received the email and are an NZNO Member please contact vote@nzno.org.nz.  PSA Members should contact DHBNursingPayequity@psa.org.nz. All other employees should contact their DHB. 

Please check with colleagues that they have also received an invitation to participate in the poll.

Ngā mihi,

On behalf of the NZNO and PSA Pay Equity Team