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Newsletter 11 - July 28, 2022



From the Principal

Term 3 has begun with a buzz of activities and looks set to continue this way. We have already kicked the term off with many great learning opportunities including 100 days of school, NAIDOC week and the Year 6 leaders receiving their badges.  We look forward to our upcoming events – verge planting, Junior and Senior choir, buddy classes, Scribblers Festival, Book week and parade, Science week and Science challenges, Interschool cross country, Athletic Carnival and Open Night.
Our fabulous P&C have a few events planned to add to the mix of community fun.

Curriculum Letters
Each year level curriculum letter goes home today via COMPASS. I thank the teachers for their work around these curriculum letters to ensure that parents have a window into the classroom. I encourage you to read these curriculum letters so that you can support your child at home in their learning journey this term. Copies can be viewed HERE.

We extend a warm welcome to Miss Jade Stocks who will take Science in Year 1 and 2, as well as teach one day a week across most Year 3 classes.
Ms Florence Francois will be filling in as a school officer whilst Mrs Malpas is on LSLS.

WA Education Awards
The WA Education Awards 2022 are now open for nominations. The awards honour outstanding schools and teams that demonstrate collective leadership, innovation and community spirit. At SPS we are extremely proud to demonstrate all these wonderful facets that fully support our students to grow and achieve their best.

we find ourselves once again being encouraged to wear masks whilst at schools and indoors. Our students have been very diligent with this recommendation with most students wearing masks. We ask parents and visitors to the school to also wear masks whilst on school grounds.
Colds, flu and COVID continue to significantly impact on class attendance and staff. We thank parents for their care and vigilance with keeping children home when unwell. The school will ring and ask parents to collect their child if they present as unwell at school.

Dr Melinda Harris

Books, Books and More Books

Book Week 2022 - Dreaming with eyes open
This year will be celebrating Book Week in Week 6 of this term. Students will be participating in a range of activities relating to the theme Dreaming with eyes open. 
On Friday 26 August, we will have the Book Week dress-up day and parade for staff and students.

Write a Book in a Day
Congratulations to the Year 4 students who chose to work outside of school hours to complete their book in a day for the yearly competition, Write a book in a Day.
We look forward to the result of this competition as the books produced were simply amazing.

Book Club
A number of our classes run book clubs in their classes or across classes. Ms Richardson is especially fond of book club with the Year 6 students.  Her poster for this term gives us an idea of the wonderful books they will be be reading.
Special thanks to the P&C who supported the purchase of these books for our children through the P&C funding round

LP3 Assembly

LP3’s assembly this week focused on a Growth Mindset. The children reminded us all through role play and song that when we think we cannot do something we can switch our thinking and be open to challenges and new learning opportunities,

Whilst teachers always focus on a growth mindset, during Term 3 will have a specific focus on Growth Mindset strategies. Stanford University Professor, Carol Dweck's work found that the view we adopt of ourselves profoundly affects the way we lead our lives.
As educators and parents, we can help stimulate a growth mindset in our children by considering the way we communicate with them.  Some questions to encourage a growth mindset include:
What was your strategy in planning for this test? 
Can you explain this answer in a different way? 
If you did this a different way, would the result be the same?
Ok, that didn’t work out the way you hoped, what will you do differently next time?

125th Looking Back

The factions at Subiaco Primary School are named after former principals. As we are celebrating our 125th year, we look back and learn about our past principals.

Elizabeth Julius - Infant School Headmistress (1900-1902)
The Subiaco Infants School opened in 1900 and was for several years one of only two such schools in metropolitan Perth.

It was at Subiaco Infants that tiny girls in pinafores and small boys in dark coats with large white collars were introduced to the slate and pencil world of formal education.

The school had a succession of prim and proper headmistresses, the first of whom was a diminutive young woman named Elizabeth Julius.  Miss Julius lived in Claremont and drove a pony and dog cart to Subiaco each day.
Reference:  Ken Spillman   ‘Identity Prized’  1985

The Fathering Project

Did you know that Subiaco Primary School is part of The Fathering Project?

The Fathering Project recognise that fathers, and father figures, play a vital role in children’s lives. The evidence demonstrating fathers’ potential to positively influence their children’s health and mental health, social success and academic achievements is now robust, indisputable, and compelling. It is an opportunity for fathers, and father figures to meet other Subi parents, build friendships, organise events that happen once a term and then attend with your kids.
Subiaco PS has a dedicated webpage where communication occurs, so please make sure you sign up and share this with any Subiaco PS father or father figure’s that would enjoy being part of this network. A new event is in the making, stay tuned!

If you would like more information, please contact Andrew Devitt (parent leader) or Peter Hayward (Assistant Principal)

The Fathering Project is an evidence-based organisation that aims to promote positive fathering behaviours and fathers’ engagement with their infants, preschool, primary school and adolescent-aged children.

National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) Collection

Every year, Subiaco PS, along with all other government schools are required to complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD).

The NCCD is a collection that counts:

  • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability
  •  the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.

Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Schools provide this information to education authorities.
This information is collected in the August census, 2022.
Please read the attached Fact Sheet for further information.

Honour Awards

LP1 Rithvik B B Langley B Leeuwin S  
LP2 Edward L Marley V    
LP3 Georgia F Soren S Mason P Gabriel V
LP4 Reece M Isabelle S    
LP5 Matthew G Rylan M Kaela W  
L3 Nathania C Emma W    
L5 Mansoor M Lili W    
L6 Aria R Tom T    
L2 Mujtaba J Finn M    
L9 Rafael B Deeksha S    
L1 Yihuai C      
M1 Vrithika C Olivia F    
M2 Aahana G G Conrad H    

Student Leaders

Our new student leaders for third term were announced and presented with their badges last Friday. Congratulations to Soriya, Diana, Edmund, Mia, Lucy, Tiara, Joel, Ayla, Oliver, Charlie, Alan, Leven, Joshua, Ronan, Amber, Lucian, Lisa and Tor. Their transition into the various leadership roles has been seamless.

PEAC Testing 2022

PEAC testing will take place next week. The Year 4 students will sit the test on Monday 1 August. There will be opportunities to do catch up tests later in the week if your child is absent on Monday.

If you do not wish your child to be included in the PEAC assessment, please notify Mr Hayward at the following email address before the start of school Monday morning.

If you would like further information about the PEAC Program, please click on the following link.

Golf WA Primary School Championships

At the end of last term Clodagh and Kaela, from LP5 competed in the Golf WA Primary School Championships.

Both the girls put on a great game under the 9 holes modified strokes group, playing against Year two and three children from the 28 primary schools participating in the tournament. The continuous drizzle and wet fairway did not stop their golf balls reaching the "putting area" and subsequently striking the balls into the hole.

A great team synergy was shown by both girls which impressed  spectators and participants alike, who appreciated how much fun they were having, inspite of their main focus being to complete the tournament to the best of their ability.

Important Dates and Information

Bob Hawke College Year 7 2023 College-Based Selective Programs- Visual Art, Music and Academic Challenge Programs 
Information Sessions on Wednesday 3 August
Choice of sessions - 3:45pm-4:30pm or 4:45pm-5:30pm
Book now through Compass Tix at
Program EOI closes 4.00pm 18 August, enrol online now to apply.

Bob Hawke College – Key Year 6 Dates 2022
ACP Testing - Saturday 8.00am-12.00pm, 10 September. Testing for offers into the Academic Challenge Program
GAT Orientation Day - Wednesday 16 September. All day event, GAT Induction and Orientation

We have a fortnightly newsletter that is emailed to parents in Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Copies can also be found on our website at

Call Education Security If You See Anything Suspicious In School Grounds
On weekends and holidays, we often have unwanted behaviour and vandalism on our school grounds. Please call Education Security on 9264 4632 or 9264 4771 if you see anything suspicious.

Grounds and Building Information

No Dogs on School Ovals
Aligned to the Dog Act 1976 – No dogs are allowed on Subiaco Primary School ovals at all times. Rangers will be surveying the ovals ensuring there are no dogs on school ovals – New signage will support this message.

School Grounds After Hours
A friendly reminder that students should head home after school and not stay on the grounds after 3.40pm (exception - a scheduled and approved activity). There have been a number of injuries, near misses and issues after school including unsupervised children who have required assistance.
We thank you for your support with this matter.

Upper Hall Roof
With the recent torrential rain, the upper hall roof has begun to show signs of collapse.  The Education Department and Programmed have been working closely with Subiaco Primary School and have advised that the Upper Hall should not be used until further testing and repairs can be carried out.

This will impact classes U3 and U5.   Over the next week, these classes will be relocated to the French room, Library  and Science lab to ensure consistency to the teaching and learning.

All other classes in the Upper Block will enter and exit via alternative doors that do not go through the Upper Hall.  We will keep you updated on the status of the Upper Hall roof.

LP1 Limestone Wall
There will be a temporary barrier around the limestone wall in LP! Whilst engineering work is carried out on this wall.


Make Your Own Storybook Competition
Last term, some of the Year 3 and 4 classes entered into The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s “Make Your Own Storybook Competition”. The students had to plan, write and then publish their own original story and send it off to be judged with many other entries from across the state. It could either be a picture book, where the pictures and words help to tell the story, or a story book that relies on the written words to tell the story.

The students also had to make their story look professionally published including an appealing front cover, binding, information about the author and a blurb. There were some excellent entries from across the classes, so hold tight, as winners will be announced later in August.

Term 3 Art
Art across classes this term is exploring art from varying times and cultures.  The overarching theme for Art in Semester Two is ‘Environments: real or imagined’. Students have created a botanical drawing of local native flora as part of a school wide activity for the 125th anniversary celebrations. Click HERE to view some of the drawings.

Celebrating 100 Days of School
The Year One students have been keenly counting each day of school since starting back in Term 1. The momentous '100 Days' finally arrived on Friday, 22 July.

There was a host of fun celebrations across all the Year One classes. The best part was getting to do lots of fun activities all involving the number 100. It was a busy day with lots of exciting activities such as making a 100-piece necklace with Cheerios or Fruit Loops, a 100-day crown and glasses and making fairy bread sprinkled with 100's and 1000s. Click HERE for photos.

Uniform shop

It's great to see many children wearing their cosy polar fleece jackets, maroon track pants and long sleeved gold polos. All items are available in the shop if you are needing more.

The dark royal track pants for our Kindy/Pre-primary students are very popular and available in sizes 4 and 6. The matching dark royal zip jacket is available in sizes 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Sports Carnivals are scheduled for Week 7, 29 August - 2 September, so make sure you have your sport shirts organised now. Julius is GOLD, Llewellyn is MAROON and Klein is WHITE. All colours and sizes are available to purchase in-store or online.

I'm seeking donations for the pre-loved rack, in particular Pre-primary polos in red, green and blue, and dark royal zip jackets. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated in the past.

Calling on volunteers.... If you would like to assist in the shop on Tuesday or Thursday mornings for an hour, you are welcome to come in and help. As the year progresses there are large stock deliveries arriving and extra helping hands would be greatly appreciated.

E News

National Tree Day Planting
While every day can be Tree Day, we celebrate Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day on the last Friday in July, and first Sunday in August respectively.

In 2022, Schools Tree Day is Friday 29 July and National Tree Day is Sunday 31 July.

This Sunday you can attend the Subiaco Council Tree Day event, and help plant some native plants, meet your neighbours and enjoy some light refreshments.

Sunday 31 July, 9.30am to 11.30am
Lake Jualbup (along the Herbet Road verge)

Community News

Harmony Storytime-Noongar
This Harmony Storytime session will include Noongar storytelling with simple translations in English, singing in Noongar and a cultural experience for children aged three to twelve.

Wednesday 3 August, 3.30pm to 4pm
Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road
Free, bookings essential

Science Week at the library
17 August kicks off Science Week at Subiaco Library. Come and celebrate the Science Week school theme Glass More than Meets the Eye.

Wednesday 17 August, 3.30pm to 4.30pm
Subiaco Library, 237 Rokeby Road
Free, bookings essential

Click HERE for other Community News and School Holiday activities. This document includes information on activities available around our community for children and families.

Contact Details

271 Bagot Rd, Subiaco WA 6008.
Phone: 08 9207 7900