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Joel Carpenter

Director of Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity

Supporters of a Pakistani religious group burn an effigy depicting the former spokeswoman of India’s ruling party, Nupur Sharma, during a demonstration in Karachi, Pakistan. AP Photo/Fareed Khan

Why Muslim countries are quick at condemning defamation – but often ignore rights violations against Muslim minorities

Ahmet T. Kuru, San Diego State University

A scholar of Islam writes about how widespread authoritarianism in the Muslim world shapes governments’ foreign policy toward Muslim minorities abroad.

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  • Scholars: Trump’s call to ‘ban Muslims’ is un-American

    Sahar Aziz, Texas A&M University; Denise A. Spellberg, University of Texas at Austin; Muniba Saleem, University of Michigan

    Thomas Jefferson would disagree with Trump’s call to bar one religious group from entering the country. But that’s not to say that Trump’s idea isn’t anything new in American history.

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