UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt finally revealed his long-awaited autumn statement amid a flurry of news about staggeringly high inflation and recession warnings from the Bank of England. Millions are set to pay more tax as a result of the plan at the same time the Office for Budget Responsibility’s independent analysis of the UK economy is predicting the biggest fall in living standards the UK has ever seen over the next two years.

We asked a panel of experts to give us their initial analyses of the statement. They cover issues from the dreaded “fiscal hole” to defence and education spending, as well as what the budget means for your personal finances. And we hear the case for why the increased windfall tax on energy companies doesn’t go far enough.

In recent months, we’ve published dozens of articles on the rising cost of living, providing expert insight and advice informed by the latest research. From a historical look at how things got to where they are, to what to do about it now. A reform of the energy market that could help save us from rising bills, and how to save money on energy given the absence of that reform. What happens if interest rates keep rising, your rights if your landlord tries to raise your rent – and even ways to spend money that will make you feel better. It’s all part of our mission to help people access expert knowledge that can make a genuine difference to the world.

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Pauline McCallion

Senior Business Editor

Head down, taxes up. EPA-EFE/TOLGA AKMEN

Autumn statement 2022: experts react

Phil Tomlinson, University of Bath; Adi Imsirovic, University of Surrey; Cam Donaldson FRSE, Glasgow Caledonian University; Despina Alexiadou, University of Strathclyde ; Gavin Midgley, University of Surrey; Hilary Ingham, Lancaster University; Jennifer Castaneda Navarrete, University of Cambridge; Jonquil Lowe, The Open University; Karen Bloor, University of York; Peter Bloom, University of Essex; Shampa Roy-Mukherjee, University of East London; Steven McCabe, Birmingham City University; Supriya Kapoor, Trinity College Dublin; Tolu Olarewaju, Keele University

Our panel of academics responds to the UK government’s latest economic plans.

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