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General Finance are offering attractive interest rates on their secured term deposits, especially when you consider these in the light of some very long-term bonds and notes (5 years or more) that have been offered in recent times at 4.5% or less per annum.

Below is a table of General Finance’s latest secured term deposit rates.

General Finance, 3.10% - 5.05% First Ranking Secured Term Deposits

Summarised details of the offer are below:

Issuer:                               General Finance Limited

Instrument:                      Secured Term Deposits 

Maturity Date:                   6 months to 5 years                  

Interest Rate:                   Standard: 3.10% to 5.05% p.a (Fixed)

                                         Via Equity: 3.25% to 5.20% p.a (Fixed)

Minimum Application:    $2,000 

Interest Payments:         Monthly or Quarterly

Credit Rating:                 BB-  (Near Prime)

Below is a link, which you can click on and access the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement), which contains pertinent information about General Finance, that investors need to read and consider before deciding to invest.



Registering your interest does not have any obligation to invest. No money is sought at this point.

Before you decide to invest, you MUST read the PDS, so that you may have a better understanding of the investment product, its risks, as well as its benefits.

Should you be interested in investing in these secured term deposits, please forward your expression of interest by clicking on the button below: