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Welcome to the Asia newsletter

In this month's newsletter: learn more about the Certified Actuarial Analyst; see where our Executive and Presidential team will be visiting over the coming months; meet our volunteer Linjie Li; hear from Memoria Lewis on her recent trip to the region; read a short profile on a talk undertaken at Hong Kong University; view our volunteer vacancies and read feedback on our recent international survery.

Contents: Welcome from the Chief Executive  |  Certified Actuarial Analyst - three weeks until exam registration opens!  |  Executive and Presidential trips to China and South East Asia  |  A view from a volunteer: Linjie Li  |  Musings from Memoria, Membership Director  |  Actuarial careers event at Hong Kong University  |  Volunteer opportunities with the IFoA  |  Feedback Group for China and South East Asia – Survey Results  | 
  Chief Executive
Welcome from the Chief Executive

As our international presence develops, we want to continue sending you newsletters such as this one so that you can see what we are doing to help build the membership community. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like included in the next newsletter please email us.


On the 7 April we launched the IFoA’s new Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) membership qualification. You can read more about this in the newsletter and on our webpages. This year our Executive staff have been busy with trips to Asia. You can read the feedback from the first visit that Memoria Lewis, Membership Director made in April and you can see details of where David Hare, President, and I, will be visiting this month.


We encourage you to spend some time understanding how you can get involved in the work that the IFoA does - through volunteering, participating in your local member interest group emailing some feedback on our presence internationally. We looking forward to meeting as many of you as we can whilst we are visiting the different regions.


Best wishes


Derek Cribb

Chief Executive, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Chief Executive  
Certified Actuarial Analyst - three weeks until exam registration opens!

There’s not long to go until the opening of registration for the first CAA exam session on 21 May.


The CAA has been designed to give those working in technical roles and the broader financial services sector a path to acquire a professional qualification. This email provides information on the ways you and your company could benefit from the CAA and how the CAA fits within the global finance industry.


Key dates such as exam registration and the dates of the first exam session, as well as all the information you will need to study to become a Certified Actuarial Analyst, can be found on the CAA web pages.


To discuss how your company can benefit from the CAA, please contact robert.jelly@actuaries.org.uk, or email caa@actuaries.org.uk to join our mailing list to and receive up to date information about the CAA.

Executive and Presidential trips to China and South East Asia

Between 6 and 9 May, David Hare, President and Derek Cribb, CEO will be visiting Hong Kong and China. They will be attending various meetings as well as a member lunch in Hong Kong that happened on the 6 May.


In addition, the IFoA is also holding a joint event with China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) and New China Life insurance.  David will be speaking about UK products, innovations and regulation at the event with CIRC. All IFoA members in the region are invited to attend the member event with New China Life. To register, please use links below:


Beijing event

Shanghai event


Between 3 and 10 June, Trevor Watkins, Director of Education will make his annual university visit in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. He will be visiting a number of universities, as well as annual accreditation reviews.


To find out more about these events, see the following web page.

Image 1
Image 2

A view from a volunteer: Linjie Li

“As an international Fellow, I am very pleased to see that the promotion of the IFoA in China has been increased greatly and members are being looked after more. There are also more opportunities for me to play a role and make my own contribution to help. It also gives me joy to be with a group of enthusiastic members with common goals. I’m very happy when I see people accomplishing their targets in the actuarial career with my help.


I believe that volunteers’ contribution is very important for the promotion of IFoA
outside the UK. So I hope there will be more and more volunteers emerging in the near
future and I look forward to working together with them. Definitely a valuable and
interesting experience!”


You can read more from Linjie's profile here.


Musings from Memoria, Membership Director

During the second week in February, Wen Li and I braved the sub-zero temperatures of Beijing and Shanghai, the rain in Hong Kong and finally the warmer climes of tropical Singapore.  One constant was meeting with our enthusiastic members – a big thank you to your generous hospitality, lively discussions and very long ‘to do’ list!

Our objectives on travelling to the region were several:

1. To thank many of our volunteers in the region
2. To present our progress on the 2011 strategy
3. To gain further feedback of what we could do better and ideas around new services that we could offer.


You can read more from Memoria's trip here.


Photo left to right: Wen Li, Cynthia Xi Yuan, Memoria Lewis, Haijing Wang.

Actuarial careers event at Hong Kong University

Following a very successful careers presentation in 2013, two of our Careers Ambassadors in Hong Kong recently made a return visit Hong Kong University (HKU).  The purpose of the event was to share their experiences of completing the IFoA's exams, together with their insights into the opportunities and challenges of working as actuaries that awaits the potential students.


They were initially a little concerned that they'd left it a little late in the academic year and that the students would mainly be focused on studying for their final exams, but their concerns were not realised with a large number of students in attendance.


The main topics of discussion were exemptions, interviews, interview techniques and a more general discussion around the types of work that actuaries may do. All of this was followed by a Q&A session.


You can read the full report from the evening here.

  Chief Executive
Volunteer opportunities with the IFoA

Please consider getting involved in supporting the IFoA by volunteering.  Details of opportunities available, primarily for members of the IFoA, can be seen in the Volunteer vacancies web page. These include:

• Joining the “400 Club” reserve list;
• Becoming a Digital Volunteer Group;
• Becoming a Career Ambassador;


For details of these and other opportunities, visit the Volunteer Vacancies webpage, or speak to Debbie Atkins.  When visiting the volunteer vacancies webpage, please also sign up to the RSS feed to ensure you are kept up to date as new opportunities arise.

Feedback Group for China and South East Asia – Survey Results

As part of our international strategy of proactive engagement the IFoA aims to offer excellent support that meets members' varied and evolving needs.  In pursuance of this drive for excellence, we sought the views of our members based in China and South East Asia. The results of this online survey  help us track our progress and provide more comprehensive support to our members based in this region.


We would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate. 


This survey results are available here to members only - you will have to log in to view the report.  The content contained in this report is commercially sensitive and should not be shared with a wider audience.

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