As the UK political crisis worsened, a British tabloid – one not known for subtlety – started to air a livestream of a lettuce, with the question: Will Prime Minister Liz Truss outlast this lettuce?

The lettuce won.

Today, Truss resigned from office just 45 days into the job – the shortest period of any prime minister in British history. It followed a torrid 24 hours for Truss in which she was openly mocked in Parliament, lost another cabinet minister – a resignation to accompany the earlier sacking of her chief financial minister – and witnessed chaotic scenes in which MPs were allegedly manhandled and bullied into attending a vote.

Then again, there weren’t many good days for Prime Minister Truss, as Garret Martin of the American University School of International Service explains. Truss’ tenure was dominated by a tax-cutting mini-budget that sparked economic turmoil and had to be scrapped. So what happens now? Well for starters, another unelected prime minister will be put in place by the Conservative Party. But as Martin notes, any replacement now faces "a steep climb to regain the confidence and support of voters.”

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Matt Williams

Senior Breaking News and International Editor

Another prime minister shown the door. Rob Pinney/Getty Images

UK prime minister forced from office amid economic turmoil, chaos in parliament and a party in tatters

Garret Martin, American University School of International Service

Only months into the job, Prime Minister Liz Truss is on her way out already, leaving her government in search of a new leader and a way to regain public trust.


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