Families are still settling in back-to-school mode, and for some, this means for the first time a child will begin a preschool program or go to child care. But which parents are actually finding spaces in early learning and child-care programs amid Canada’s move to more affordable programs and services?

Today in The Conversation Canada, Michal Perlman, Petr Varmuza and Samantha Burns of University of Toronto write about Ontario’s implementation plan for child care and early learning under the new agreement with the federal government.They write that both substantial labour shortages and insufficient investment in physical spaces likely mean that increases in demand for affordable child-care spaces will far outpace increases in supply. When “resources are scarce, disadvantaged parents and children receive the short end of the services stick while more affluent families are more likely to secure access to higher-quality services.”

A goal of inclusivity “must become a top priority to fulfil affordable care for all families.”

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford visits a child-care centre in Brampton, Ont., on March 28, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Ontario needs to remove barriers to child-care subsidies for low-income families

Michal Perlman, University of Toronto; Petr Varmuza, University of Toronto; Samantha Burns, University of Toronto

For vulnerable and marginalized groups, access to early learning and child care remains uncertain. Inclusive access must become a top priority to achieve affordable care for all families.

Palestinians hold their national flag during a protest against an Israeli parade through Jerusalem’s Old City, along the frontier with Israel, east of Gaza City, in May 2023. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Recognition versus reality: Lessons from 30 years of talking about a Palestinian state

Philip Leech-Ngo, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa

The history of Palestinian statehood is marked by shifts in four sovereignty categories. Understanding them can shed light on the complex dynamics and key challenges in Palestine’s statehood pursuit.

Caregiving in South Asian communities is characterized by close family bonds that emphasize respect for elders. (Shutterstock)

Navigating the complexities of caregiving for dementia in South Asian communities

Navjot Gill, University of Waterloo

Dementia care in South Asian households is shaped by cultural, familial and societal forces that bring benefits and challenges.

The costs of climate change are clear with the flood devastation in Lybia simply being the latest grim example. What is also clear is that traditional policymaking has failed and climate assemblies may provide a novel and more equitable path forward. (AP Photo/Jamal Alkomaty)

How climate assemblies can help Canada tackle the climate crisis

Simon Pek, University of Victoria; Lorin Busaan, University of Victoria

Climate assemblies may just provide the breakthrough required to develop popular, just and sustainable climate and energy policies.

La Conversation Canada

Le pourcentage de femmes à la tête des entreprises en Amérique du Nord scille toujours autour de 5%. (Shutterstock)

Femmes et minorités à la haute direction : ça bloque dans l’antichambre

Louise Champoux-Paillé, Concordia University; Anne-Marie Croteau, Concordia University

Après des décennies d’efforts pour accroître la représentation féminine dans les instances décisionnelles des entreprises, peu de femmes parviennent à prendre leur place.


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