Design Domain


This year’s Design Domain theme is Responsibility, and Year 2 and Year 3 students and staff across six programmes in the School of Design are reflecting on what responsible being and responsible making mean to us in a proportionate way - as individuals, in our relationships with each other, in our communities and in the wider world.


This semester, Design Domain launched with pre-recorded talks and a live panel discussion, in which Briana Pegado and speakers John Thorne, Rose Sinclair, and Michael Johnson discussed what responsibility means to them and their work. Design Domain Semester 1 ended with Open Studios on Padlet, with exciting and thoughtful work

from a multiplicity of angles and directions.


The recording of the Live Panel Discussion is available to GSA staff and students on Planet eStream  

Click through to the Design Domain Open Studios Padlet Launchpad  


GSA Exhibitions Zoom Lounge | An informal space for staff to catch up and discuss shared themes and their research. Email Jenny Brownrigg for the Zoom details

Meetings | The GSA's sustainability group holds regular meetings throughout the year to update on estate and curriculum action. All staff welcome. Next meeting on Wednesday 20 January.

Advance HE | Support on diversity, equality, inclusion, and sustainable development.

Strategy | 2021 will see a new GSA strategy. Sustainability will feed into this and then update our Sustainability strategy. You can help us define our priorities. Attend the next SiAG meeting to be involved. 

Conference | We're members of the EAUC who support environmental and social justice on campuses and within curricula across Scotland and the UK. Their Scotland conference is in February. 

Wellbeing | Your agency in addressing wicked issues, environmental concerns, living in an equitable, socially-just system and your wellbeing are all linked

COP26 | Interested in what is happening around the UN's COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November 2021? Get involved

Staying with the Trouble | Acknowledge and live with major anxieties like climate change. We look at the psychology behind it.