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MAKE Newsletter

June 10, 2011

Two comments stand out in the weeks following Maker Faire Bay Area. One is the much-repeated, "There were so many kids." The other was from a maker who told me that he felt such a great sense of optimism at Maker Faire. Actually, I believe the two observations are related.

Seeing kids who are curious and engaged in discovery, who see the possibilities for play in ordinary things, and who are experiencing the rush of creative energy along with others, makes us all feel young. Seeing adults who are creative tinkerers, enthusiastic to share what they know and love doing, makes us feel optimistic about what each of us can do. Bringing young and old together is what Maker Faire does, and it's like visiting the proverbial Fountain of Youth that can fill us with optimism.

It's a big deal to find reasons to be positive, to feel young, and to believe that the future can be better. While there are certainly plenty of reasons to be pessimistic, holding onto optimism requires courage and conviction. It requires that you pass it on.

With the approach of Father's Day, we can recognize the role that fathers have played in our lives; fathers who've inspired sons and daughters to become makers, who have shared knowledge gained from their own experience, and who believed that we can create a better future for ourselves and for our own children.    --Dale Dougherty


Lego Jawa Sandcrawler

Mechanically Formed Drops of Water

Giant, Ultra-Large Format Film Camera

TV-B-Gone Jacket

Intern's Corner: Lab Tour

Over the past two months, Make Labs has been settling into its new, larger space at MAKE HQ. With four times as much floor space, we're able to designate specific areas for an electronics workbench, CNC workshop, tool room, and a full-on workbench for sawing and drilling everything imaginable. Take the virtual tour on the MAKE website! -Nick Raymond

Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

Maker Faire Bay Area was phenomenally good fun. In case you missed it in person or want to catch some of what you missed:

Skill Builder: Food

May saw an awesome month of food coverage on MAKE, including original articles by Jeff Potter and excerpts from his highly recommended book, Cooking for Geeks. You will find all of the Food coverage here and the entire Food Skill Builder series collected here.

Here's one of our favorite original pieces that Jeff Potter did: Office Cooking Hacks.

And above is an image from John Edgar Park's piece on Making Your Own Gin without a Still.

Father's Day on MAKE

This year, for Father's Day, we're putting together a fun content bundle in honor of dear ol' dad. We'll be talking about what we learned from our dads about making, how to make your dad a better maker, projects that dads and kids can do together, and more. On Monday, we'll be launching a series called "Tips My Dad Says," sponsored by Leatherman. We'll be asking you to share tips and stories about your dad and making. We'll choose 4 entries and give away Leatherman Super Tool 300s. The best tips will go into an article which we'll publish on Father's Day. We'll also be running Father's Day content all week on the MAKE front page, so be on the lookout...

First "Makey" Award Nominee: Microsoft?

We kicked off our first-annual MAKE Magazine Industry Maker Awards nomination process this week by choosing Microsoft , in the "Most Hackable Gadget" category, for their Kinect sensor and their dramatic turnaround on allowing people to hack it. We'll be nominating companies from now until just before Maker Faire New York (Sept 17 & 18), when we'll allow you to vote, with awards presented at the Faire.

Hackerspace Roadshow

If you didn't get a chance to see the last episode of Make: Live, it's worth checking out. Becky and Matt lead us on an hour-long virtual roadtrip to four amazing US hackerspaces. The spaces, the projects, and the hackerspace members were all really impressive. And the show's a lot of fun.