Like many people these days, by the end of the day, I’m simply tired from dealing with an endless flow of information. Some of it is valuable, such as the latest developments on the coronavirus vaccines and when they might be available to the general public. But there is a lot of other stuff – including social media feeds that are often riddled with misinformation – that is just exhausting to sort through.

Wayne State’s Mark Satta calls it “epistemic exhaustion” – a tiredness brought about by trying to absorb information under challenging conditions. And he has some ideas to help you cope.

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Kalpana Jain

Senior Religion + Ethics Editor

A woman views a manipulated video that changes what is said by President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. ROB LEVER/AFP via Getty Images

3 reasons for information exhaustion – and what to do about it

Mark Satta, Wayne State University

A philosopher writes about why many of us are feeling tired with the constant onslaught of information coming at us.

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