Our new project ARC, Artists using Resources in the Community, is coming to a studio, office or workspace near you soon. We have recruited a great team that will be working with students, staff, Halls and the local artist, designer and architectural community. ARC is tackling energy and water use, and aims to encourage re-use of materials wherever possible. Contact ARC or visit their page for more details. (Pic: Emmanuel Laflamme)


Ecocampus |   This national scheme rewards universities for their environmental credentials. We've just earned our first Award, Bronze. We're using it to look at, and help us improve, our campus's environmental performance. 

Lunchtime Walks | Every Monday on the Mack steps at 1pm, it's sunny every time (so far). All staff and students welcome. 

EAUC Scotland Conference | On 20th February we're holding the conference right here in Glasgow. Students welcome to attend for free.

GSA Sport | We didn't start it but we love it. Think of a sport and there's a group going.

Residency Opportunity | GSA and SiAG are offering the chance for a week's residency on the Isle of Eigg. Open to students and staff. 

Want to see GSA go Fairtrade?| We're setting up a student and staff Fairtrade group to guide us through the process. Get involved here

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Green Reps | We're on the look out for students and staff who want to work with us to help spread the message. You don't have to commit much time, and you can help with whatever you're most interested in. Email us!

Food Beautiful Food | Interested in helping to start a food co-op, or have cheap wholefoods delivered? You can help out or just sign up for orders. 

Go Green Week | 11-17 February we're celebrating the fun side of being green. Come and ride an electric bike, try a vegetarian dish, get your bicycle maintained for free, or just come to the gig. 

Switch it Off | Join us this Winter in turning off those lights and taps to help save energy and water. Do it at home, do it at work!

Climate Change & Art | We're interested in how to communicate climate change and other complicated scientific messages through art. Interested in helping us as part of your studies?