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MAKE Newsletter

February 16, 2011

Happy February, makers! We hope 2011 is treating you well (and that you're treating it better in return). We've been busy... really busy. We migrated our site "into the cloud," switched to WordPress, and revamped our commenting system (and nobody died, although several suicides were contemplated). We also launched our new streaming web show (see below), began earnest work on the 2011 Maker Faire season, and are neck-deep in Volume 26 of MAKE, the Karts and Wheels issue. And those are just the bigger, chunkier things. There are countless other tweaks, pet projects, and plans for world domination on the virtual drawing board. It should be an action-packed year.

— Gareth


Improvised Helmets on the Streets of Cairo

What'd Happen if All the Elements Combined?

How-To: Fingertip Heart Rate Monitor

Apartment Covered in 25K Ping Pong Balls

PT Climbs on a Soapbox

Longtime MAKE editor and icon in the maker world, Phillip Torrone, is penning a new bi-monthly feature on the site. In it, he'll offer his insights on open source hardware, hacking, and going "maker pro." He will also provide commentary on emerging DIY trends, tech, and more. His first column,  "Why the Arduino Won and Why It's Here to Stay" has already caused quite a stir.

Related: Be sure to check our new Make: Arduino page.

New Streaming Show-and-Tell

On January 26th, the curtain went up at the venerable Maker Media Studios on the first episode of Make: Live. (OK, it was in the tiny living room of Becky's apartment in Brooklyn, but still...) We've partnered with Digi-Key to bring you this bi-monthly maker show-and-tell, taking a peek inside of MAKE magazine, what's happening on our website, and talking to makers inside the studo and via webcam. Episode 1 was all about Arduino and included projects from our Arduino issue, Episode 2 was on soldering and included segments with Ladyada and Marc de Vinck. Next week we'll look at bikes. Check the show's landing page for more details.

Skill Sets: Woodworking

In the last issue of the Make: Newsletter, we brought you word of our new skill sets program on Make: Online. All this year, we'll be exploring core sets of maker skills each month. Last month we looked athe basics of electronics. This month, it's woodworking. We have MAKE magazine contributor Len Cullum, woodworker Ben Light, and others contributing articles on woodworking tools and basic techniques. You can see all of the woodworking articles to date here.

Build A Drawbot

Our third project in the Microchip Technology/Energizer Make It Last Build Series teaches you how to build an awesome wall-mounted, microcontrolled drawing machine, using little more than two stepper motors, some fishing line, a binder clip, a Sharpie, and a microcontroller. At the end of the build, we'll be giving away some awesome prizes in a drawing. Anybody who tags their images "makeitlast" on the MAKE Flickr pool is eligible.