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June 2020




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News Porn

JournalismNews Porn

A collection of digital storytelling & products from news publishers around the world. One of our source of inspiration when working on these topics.

The Branding Vaccine

OpinionThe Branding Vaccine

What will “the day after” in branding look like? Will “values–washing” be the new greenwashing? A point of view from Thierry Brunfaut at Base Design.

The Psychology of Design

BiasesThe Psychology of Design by Growth•Design

A list of 101 cognitive biases and design principles with tons of examples, checklists and quizzes to help you improve your design knowledge and practice.

“This blog ages like good wine” — Yassine


EducateUX Myths

Always a good reminder: build your projects based on evidence, not false beliefs. A source of information to keep close when dealing with design misconceptions.

Curiously Green

NewsletterCuriously Green

Occasional thoughts on web sustainability and accessibility from Wholegrain Digital. Go and subscribe!


Point of view

Do an immersion to design a website?

Do an immersion to design a website?

Go physically to the ground when you have to design a website, illogical? Not really!
The work of UX/UI designers is often associated with hours of wireframes and mock-ups on software, while these people also have their place on the ground.
Indeed, I think that when working on a digital design project, immersion is as useful as in a space, service or object design project. Quite simply because the designer needs to know for who and for what he designs this future site or this future application. It needs to be imbued with the subject of the project, the theme, the atmosphere, the eco-system, the field of activity… All these elements will make the final rendering as close as possible to the reality. I think that immersion is a real asset that can answer many of our questions instead of countless meetings. And it also fosters empathy and nourishes our inspiration!
Recently we worked for a client in the medical field of psychiatry. We were able to go into immersion and it really helped us understand this complex and specific environment.
So if you don’t do it yet, dare! At Antistatique, we aim to integrate immersion into more and more projects.



June 2020

This month we like

Work From Home Jammies

ProductWFH Jammies

How can you actually stay professional whilst letting yourself enjoy the perks of being at home, like crashing on the couch in your pajamas with your laptop on top of your lap?

Lucky Left Hand

IllustrationLucky Left Hand

Steven Burke practices his art in search of simplicity of forms and purity of colors to convey a positive and enthusiastic message.

IKEA's quarantine campaign

FunIKEA's quarantine campaign illustrates six ways to make furniture forts.

Did you ever build a fort out of sofa cushions and blankets? We did and we enjoyed this campaign.

Designer Slack Community

MingleDesigner Slack Community

A list of all the Slacks around Design. If you want to chat, you will find what you are looking for… Hopefully! Find us here and there ;)

Foyer du Servan

SignageFoyer du Servan

Signage system for the “Foyer du Servan” in Lausanne, CH. A home for girls and boys with social or personal difficulties. A work from Emphase agency. 🙌


RadWe Were Young

This project was created during the lockdown, as an imagined TV series, but the original idea started a long time ago…


Quote of the month

"They think they're better than everyone because they named their daughter Verdana. Like no, your kid is a fucking font."


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