In the first week of the campaign, we asked six Australian politics experts to take us on a trip around the country, looking at the seats, candidates and issues to watch out for. What has happened since?

In the final week, our experts return to look at the state of the states. Yes, cost of living and climate change are big issues all around Australia, but once again there are different battles on different issues, everywhere you look.

In Queensland, Paul Williams writes a surge in Greens support could see them pick up a seat in the House of Representatives, while polling still puts Labor behind in the state, two-party-preferred.

In South Australia, Rob Manwaring says the focus remains on the key marginal seat of Boothby, but other seats are suffering as a result (will there be payback for the Liberal Party?). Both major parties are campaigning their political hearts out in Western Australia, and in Tasmania no one is yet willing to call the ultra-marginal, ultra-crucial seat of Bass.

Meanwhile, the teal independents continue to make Liberal candidates and party officials nervous in affluent areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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Judith Ireland

Deputy Editor, Politics + Society

State of the states: six politics experts take us around Australia in the final week of the campaign

Paul Williams, Griffith University; John Phillimore, Curtin University; Mark Rolfe, UNSW Sydney; Michael Lester, University of Tasmania; Rob Manwaring, Flinders University; Zareh Ghazarian, Monash University

In the first week of the campaign we journeyed around the country with a team of politics experts. Now we retrace our steps to look at what’s happened since.

Super for housing or the government as a co-owner: how Liberal and Labor home-buyer schemes compare

Steven Hamilton, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Both major parties’ schemes would put upward pressure on house prices – but not much. Here’s why, according to a former Australian Treasury official.

Almost 90% of us now believe climate change is a problem - across all political persuasions

Michelle Baddeley, University of Technology Sydney

Three years ago, Australia was much more divided on climate and environmental issues. Unprecedented fires and floods might have changed minds, our new polling suggests.

In a year of endless floods, why isn’t disaster governance front and centre in the election campaign?

Markus A. Höllerer, UNSW Sydney; Graham Dwyer, Swinburne University of Technology; Jaco Fourie, UNSW Sydney; Paul Spee, The University of Queensland

The federal election presents an opportunity to promote plans for improving national disaster governance and resilience. But the silence on these issues in political debates has been remarkable.

Got COVID again? Your symptoms may be milder, but this won’t always be the case

Lara Herrero, Griffith University

You know the symptoms because you’ve already had COVID once. So what can you expect when you’re reinfected? And why does it happen?

Class, queerness and illness in the ‘post-crisis’ era: rewriting the narrative of HIV

Dion Kagan, La Trobe University

One of the first contemporary personal narratives about living with HIV in the 21st century, Fever urgently interrogates the social meanings of HIV, and how they’ve evolved in the era of treatment.

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