Is this weekend when you finally cave? Is this the day that you tiptoe towards the boiler and extend a chilly finger towards the dial marked ‘central heating’? There’s a point in every year, as the seasons change, when one simply has to admit defeat, accept that summer is over and ‘crank up the rads’, as my boiler repair man Nick says.

But lots of people, particularly in the UK, will be hesitating over the decision to move into winter mode this year thanks to the huge increase in energy prices hitting households. Enduring a few more days in a thick jumper could save you more money than ever now that the cost of gas and electricity is spiralling. With that in mind, we asked an expert to put together a few suggestions for living economically in the colder months. It’s surprising how much you can shave off your bill by turning the thermostat down just a few degrees — and by cooking meals differently or rethinking your living space.

Renewable energy is, of course, ultimately the solution to all these problems. This group of researchers decided to work out how many of the world’s rooftops would need to be covered in solar panels in order to meet all our consumer electricity needs — and the answer was a gratifying 50%. Their calculations show how breaking up with fossil fuels is potentially easier than it seems.

If you are watching the dubbed or subtitled version of Squid Game, you may have come across criticism that there’s something not quite right about the translations being used. Bilingual Korean viewers have been highlighting how some of the things said by the actors in the original language don’t quite match up to the words used in the English interpretations of Netflix’s smash hit series. But it’s time to set the record straight about how translation actually works. A lot of cultural and artistic nuance can be lost if we focus too much on the literal wording of a sentence — as is explained here.

Also this week, an incredibly nasty feud between Victorian magicians, a new electron-ion collider that could answer a sticky question, and help for anyone who routinely wakes up at 3am to dwell on their failings.

Laura Hood

Politics Editor, Assistant Editor

Turning down the heating just 1C in a room can produce significant savings, our energy expert says. Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Energy price rises: tips on how to save money on your bills and be greener from an expert

Sharon George, Keele University

Turning down your heating by just 1℃ can save around £55 a year.

Covering roofs with solar panels could significantly contribute to decarbonising global energy systems. MaddyBris/Pixabay

Solar panels on half the world’s roofs could meet its entire electricity demand – new research

Siddharth Joshi, University College Cork; James Glynn, Columbia University; Shivika Mittal, Imperial College London

India and China are the cheapest places to install rooftop solar, while the US, Japan and the UK are the most expensive.

Noh Juhan/Netflix

Squid Game: why you shouldn’t be too hard on translators

David Orrego-Carmona, Aston University

Subtitles need to be read quickly and dubbing needs to match lips. It’s not an easy feat.

Hugh Jackman in The Prestige. TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo

The Prestige: the real-life warring Victorian magicians who inspired the film

Beatrice Ashton-Lelliott, University of Portsmouth

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction when it comes to the magicians of the Victorian era.

A Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in a woodland in the Czech Republic. Lubomir Novak/Shutterstock

The lynx may have survived in Scotland centuries later than previously thought, new study suggests

Lee Raye, The Open University

A new study suggests lynxes were in Britain as recently as the 18th century.

Bryan Regan/Shutterstock

William Shatner oldest astronaut at 90 – here’s how space tourism could affect older people

Nick Caplan, Northumbria University, Newcastle; Christopher Newman, Northumbria University, Newcastle

With commercial spaceflight companies now taking older people to space, it’s timely to consider the potential physical impact space flight might have on them.


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