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MAKE Newsletter

March 11, 2011

Can you feel it? Spring, just around the corner? Are you itching to bust out, downright giddy with all of the possibilities a new season offers? We are. We're gearing up for a new issue of MAKE (Karts & Wheels), well into plans for a new series of amazing Maker Faires, and excited by the promise of our new Make: Live streaming show. Here's some more of what's going on at MAKE. It's time to open the windows, roll up the garage door, grab the tools, and get to work! If spring is not about making things, what season is?  -Gareth


Build a Sous Vide Cooker for $75

Automatic Random Tattoo Machine

Shelf Pod House in Japan

Quinn Dunki's Beating Heart Pendant

Woodworking Skill Set

Our Skill Set series continues. We had a great time with the Woodworking Skill Set in February, with contributions from MAKE contributor Len Cullum, Ben Light, and others. Now it's on to Mechanics.

Make: Space Challenge

We've teamed up with Teachers in Space and NASA to launch the first Make: Challenge, to develop inexpensive science kits that can be built in classrooms and sent to space! More details here.

Sony's War on Makers?

Make: Online Editor at Large Phillip Torrone has been causing quite a stir with his bi-weekly editorials. So far, he's declared Arduino the winner of the hobby microcontroller market and proposed that public libraries be turned into TechShops . He kicked up the most dust when he laid out a pretty compelling case detailing Sony's war on makers.

Make: Arduino Landing Page

The Make: Arduino landing is our new gateway to all things Arduino at MAKE. We've brought on maker Riley Porter to do new Arduino projects for us. He even brought a new piece of hardware he'd been working on, the grblShield, a 3-axis motor controller for CNC. [Pictured above is the Yobot , an Arduino-controlled yogurt maker. Find out how to build it on Make: Projects.]


Organizing Hacks

Sean Ragan posted an item about this ridiculously simple compartmentalized parts tray he made by putting a fruit wedger (with the ring taken off) into a small parts tray. We love simple, smart organizing hacks like this, and we'd love to see more. If you have some, please email me pics and a description.

Inspirational Maker Videos

When we posted the amazing mini-documentary of metal artist Ford Hallam re-creating a 19th century sword guard, we got an ethusiastic response from readers inspired by the craftmanship and artistry in evidence. That got us thinking of other videos that deeply express the joy of making and show a true artisan at work. If you have a maker video that you really like, please post it to this topic.