Good and Bad News

Good and Bad News

We can’t really appreciate the Good News unless we realised the horror of the bad news. So what is the bad news? Paul describes this by explaining to us that we are under the dominion of darkness (Ephesians 6:12ff). What Paul refers to here is the hierarchy of angelic powers (principalities and powers) which had been given authority over different areas of creation and society and have rebelled and started using their power against all that God stands for. This is very much like us, who were made in God’s image and given authority to rule and be caretakers of creation. Thus, what we say and do has impact on all of creation and on society as we were given authority over it. When we pray “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” we are submitting our authority to God’s authority.

However, we are all free agents and can chose to go against God’s will (as we so often do) and carry out our own will or even demonic will (influenced by the principalities and powers). There are destructive forces at work around the world which seek to corrupt it and move us all away from God. (1 John 5:19) – this is the bad news! In our recent Consultation on anti-human trafficking we recognised that we have all been trafficked (tricked, seduced and lied to) into the kingdom of darkness. We don’t like to consider the reality of this teaching in our modern day world. Ephesians 2:1ff states the shocking bad news that we are dead in our transgressions and sins when we followed the ways of the world….

The Good News is astoundingly freeing and life giving:

1 John 2:2 – He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but for the sins of the whole world.
2 Peter 3:9 - … not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

God loves the whole world, each and every person in it and wants all to come to a saving knowledge of him. Yet as much as he longs for that and continually reveals himself to the world, he does not coerce us into choosing him, nor does he force us to follow him obediently. We have to make that choice ourselves. We can yield to his will or suppress it. Amazingly he will give us the power to resist evil and the grace to yield; but we need to submit.

The Good News is that as we yield God rescues us out of darkness and moves us into a new Kingdom we have been relocated!! This new Kingdom is one of freedom, grace, forgiveness, confidence, life, equality; one of liberation and restoration; one of hope and joy; one of peace and reconciliation.

When I was in Northern Iraq I thought I was almost where the geographical location of he Garden of Eden was described, but the actual location of the New Kingdom is actually in Christ. As you read Scripture you will see the repetition of “in Christ” as where we are positioned. This means that our lifestyle and behaviours should reflect Christ as we are in Him. It means that the evidence of the Kingdom should be seen in every aspect of our lives. (Philippians 1:27ff)

What does this mean when we see our world struggling through all sorts of conflicts and sufferings? We are called to manifest the amazing Good News of the new Kingdom in the midst of the not yet so that people will see and hunger for this new citizenship. We reflect Christ so that they may taste and feel the love of God through our lives engaging with them. To really impact the crisis situations in the world we need an integrated response so as to reflect the Kingdom at every level and in every aspect.

Lord, we long for true Shalom to be seen, felt and lived in our world – we pray that you will enable us to be more united and to individually and corporately reflect the Good News to all around us. As we pray through this prayer focus, we call on you to set people free from the conflicts in their land, to restore peace and to heal disease.

Brazil to the Polls

On 5th October Brazil has its national elections. Recent news of death of one of the candidates has cast a shadow and many are wondering about the outcomes of these elections and what difference it will make on the real issues of concern in Brazil such as poverty, education, economic development, health...

Tatiana and Carmen, our amazing team of translators for Portuguese speakers, have asked us to stand with them and all of Brazil in preparation for these elections. Please pray

1) Jesus to guide us in choosing the best candidate that would govern Brazil with transparency, with what is best for the country in mind and with principles that are pleasing to God. May we do it prayerfully and conscientiously;

2) Brazilians who live outside of the country would be moved by the Holy Spirit to vote prayerfully and conscientiously. For conviction in their hearts that they are making the right choice after having lived for so long outside our country;

3) The voting to happen peacefully and with no further tragedies;

4) The authorities to disclose the information needed for searching into the apparent accident that killed Mr. Campos and 6 others who were on that plane. At the moment, even the black box found in the wreckage site was confirmed not to be from that plane - and the suspicions are boiling up. We pray for truth and justice;

5) The families of the ones fallen in the accident. For comfort, for peace and for wisdom in such a difficult time.

Flooding in India and Pakistan


Severe flooding has affected large portions of the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh, as well as large areas in Northern India. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected through damage to property and infrastructure, with many towns and villages still experiencing isolation from flood waters which are yet to recede.

Almost 500 lives have been lost in this recent disaster caused by heavy and late monsoonal downpours, overflowing rivers and associated landslides. 

Members of the Micah Network working in the affected regions call us to please pray for:

- Healing and comfort for the families who have lost loved ones in this disaster;

- For waters to recede quickly so that displaced people can return to their homes and begin to restore the damage caused;

- The efficient and effective use of resources supplying the aid and relief effort; delivering humanitarian assistance to struggling communities;

- Unity and cooperation between government and community organisations working to respond to this disaster. 

Ebola Update


The Ebola epidemic which is critically impacting upon Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria has infected over 5,300 people, with 2,600 people having been fatally affected to date.

Lack of health infrastructure and community education are adding to the challenge of controlling this crisis situation.

The United States has just this week responded to calls to increase its intervention; committing to send more equipment, resources and military personal to aid in the management of the crisis.

The epidemic is placing immense pressure on communities and society in these nations as they are forced to radially adjust their lifestyle in response to the threat posed by the epidemic.

Lord, we pray:

- That governments will respond with wisdom and compassion as they work together with communities and civil society to manage this epidemic;

- That supplies, equipment and resources will be supplied and provided to where they are required;

- For the protection of health workers and volunteers who are risking their own safety to assist those who are infected with Ebola;

- For a cease to the spread of this epidemic and for the return of social order and security in those countries who are affected.


Zambia: Integral Mission and Freedom


The Micah Network Africa Regional Consultation took place in Livingstone, Zambia from September 8th - 12th.

This was a challenging and encouraging time of sharing and learning as individuals representing organisations from all around Africa came together to explore Integral Mission and Freedom: an integrated response to the injustices of human trafficking and gender-based violence.

Lydia Moeng, of Monaana International Word Ministries in South Africa, participated in the event and calls the Network to join in praying in response to this event:

Please pray:

1. God will open our eyes and minds that we shall not be fooled into being trafficked for any reason

2. The young people will not be lured by money for sex and drug trafficking

3. Governments will empower their justice systems to ensure justice for victims of human trafficking and violence

4. Governments shall become signatories to, and enforce, all international laws related to domestic violence and human trafficking

5. The battle against domestic violence caused by traditions and culture shall be overcome so that African women shall be treated as people and not as property 

6. Women will not abuse other women in following violent traditions

7. Churches will expose and deal with abuse and trafficking happening within its walls and its neighbourhood

A Weekend of Prayer for the Poor

Micah Challenge

17 October is International Anti-Poverty Day. This year, Micah Challenge will use this day to launch a weekend of prayer, or “Prayer for the Poor Weekend”, between 17-19 October.

The principle is very simple: we are asking for you to host a prayer vigil and a special Sunday service turned towards intercession for the poor

The fight against poverty and corruption is more of a spiritual combat than a hand-to-hand struggle with corrupted officials.

Micah Challenge have developed a fantastic prayer guide to direct you in praying through the MDGs  - you can read and download the guide from the Micah Challenge website here.

Please do consider how you and your organisation can encourage Christians to run with this call to prayer with and for the poor. 

Micah Transition

The Micah Transition Task Force meet on Tuesday 23rd September to review all the feedback received around the first draft of the proposal for the new Micah.

Please pray that we can discern God’s guidance together and reflect this well as we develop the framework for Micah.