Many of America’s schools are so old and dilapidated that they may not be able to withstand the rising heat that results from climate change.

That’s according to a new study from Paul Chinowsky, a professor of environmental design at the University of Colorado Boulder, who found that nearly a third of U.S. schools will need new or upgraded air conditioning in the coming years. Without these measures, he writes, American students may soon be forced to go to school in classrooms where it’s simply too hot to concentrate or learn.

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Jamaal Abdul-Alim

Education Editor

Climate change means more schools will need to install or upgrade cooling systems. Bill Uhrich/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

As heat waves intensify, tens of thousands of US classrooms will be too hot for students to learn in

Paul Chinowsky, University of Colorado Boulder

America’s public schools, which are over 40 years old on average, are not equipped to handle rising temperatures due to climate change, a new study reveals.


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